2020 NBA All-Star Weekend: Saturday Night Betting Odds and Picks

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The NBA All-Star Weekend Comes back!

We are less than two weeks apart from the yearly midseason exhibition together with the best 24 basketball players on the planet. The game goes on February 17 at Chicago but until we observe Team Giannis face Team LeBron, fans will be treated to the scene of NBA All-Star Saturday with Educating Challenge, Three-Point Contest and all the Slam Dunk Contest.
Some Reason for the justified anticipation of this dunk contest??is some of the familiar faces ready to throw some jams, like the Orlando Magic’s Aaron Gordon along with Los Angeles Lakers’ Dwight Howard along with the Miami Heat’s Derrick Jones Jr. and Milwaukee Bucks’ Pat Connaughton.
If you recall, Gordon dazzled the crowd at Toronto with jaw-dropping slams in 2016. After just falling short vs Zach LaVine four years back he started at BetOnline as the -140 favorite to finish this time.
Before checking out the odds, check out Gordon’s highlights in the 2016 Dunk Contest:
Odds at February 5??at BetOnline
In order to be outshined, the Three-Point Contest??will have some fresh blood in the contest and also marks the first time since 2012 a Golden State Warriors participant is not participating.
Because Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson aren’t included, bettors such as myself may invest in somebody with odds. Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young is the favorite at +275 while reigning winner Joe Harris of??the Brooklyn Nets is listed at +600. Both would make choices but the 2 players that caught my eye are Devonte’ Graham and Davis Bertans, both at +800 that is recorded.
Graham is in the NBA in total three-pointers with the Charlotte Hornets and he does not have??a fantastic percent on efforts, he is known to get hot and contains 14 matches this year with six or more three-pointers. Bertans, on the other hand, also has a sweet stroke which looks ideal for a competition in this way and can rank ninth in total but is eighth in three-point shooting portion.
Bettors also have to keep in mind the rules introduced to 2020 when handicapping this competition. Shooters nonetheless get the customary five balls per stand but will also get a set of shots from 2 channels over 29 feet which are each worth 3 points. So, players such as Damian and Young Lillard??that are known to bomb out of way downtown??could have an advantage this time round.
Odds as of February 5??in BetOnline
Reigning winner Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics will defend his crown in??the All-Star Skills Challenge that shows off many different basketball skills like passing, shooting and dribbling. The gap between this rivalry along with the other two would be these are head-to-head matchups (which have yet to be announced) and organizers usually like to put position versus position to the opening round. Therefore, you would not see Domantas Sabonis confront Derrick Rose in the opener.
Out of those 3 occasions, this is the toughest to handicap that is the drill at the start and the three-point shot to close it out and since there are two moments in the obstacle course that trip up the players. We’ve seen several years when a guy has a lead in the race then warms stone up and gets caught with his competitor or when the point guards can not make a pass to save their life.
The fave, De’Aaron Fox of last year, didn’t even make it and this past year’s winner was Tatum at +600. I would proceed with Spencer Dinwiddie of the Brooklyn Nets??at +600 because he has won this contest and will be the protector on the list, but I??really don’t feel confident.
Odds at February 5??at BetOnline

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