Andy Murray considered retiring before European Open title win in Antwerp

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Andy Murray has shown he considered retirement that a matter of months prior to winning the European Open at Antwerp.
The former world number one is in the first phases of his comeback but continued success in Asia as a turning point in his own restoration.
The Scot produced a level of consistency to win in Belgium, beating against Stanislas Wawrinka in the final to claim his first title since 2017 after gaining confidence during championships in Shanghai, Beijing and Zhuhai.
Murray said:”Asia was basically where I started to realise I could do so because in the beginning of this excursion, literally a couple of days before the first tournament in AsiaI was having discussions with my own team.
“I was and that I was just like’no, I am giving this until the conclusion of the year and when I am not winning matches and feeling better than I am I really don’t need to continue going.’
“I was putting a lot of effort in but my motion wasn’t at the right level, but since I began to play many matches it changed quite quickly and I believed I was much farther away than I was and that was what a lot of guys in the team were speaking to me.
“They’re saying’you are much nearer than you think’ and I won a few matches, began to feel much better and maybe also I gained greater confidence in my hip. I stopped thinking about it in games – which was a step.
“At the start, you’re contemplating it after every movement you make and that’s not a good way to enter competing but now I am not considering it when I’m playing.”
Murray, who was speaking before a documentary launch on his injury problems throughout the last year, is eager to play at the Australian Open – the scene where he made public the complete extent of his fashionable issues and tearfully announced he was contemplating retirement in January.
He added:”I was asked what would be success in Australia and I really don’t know how I’ll perform – I am not expecting to win the championship – but if I could play a five-set match and undergo and don’t have any ill effects on the hip then that is success.
“Because I know I’ll have the ability to compete at the major championships without needing to fret about doing it.
“I’ve played three-set matches and a few long ones lately, but the very best of five is a excess hour, hour-and-a-half on top of that I will figure out in Australia.
“If I can get through that tournament and undergo some lengthy matches possibly feeling good it could be a huge positive.”
A powerful Australian Open would raise the chance of Murray competing from the Olympics back and again even in the singles at Wimbledon.
On the chance of competing at The All England Club again, Murray replied:”To perform with there, yes. But winning? No.
“I would not put my cash to me to win this event just now, but if I can get there and be pain free, I can succeed.”
Although he was just able to compete in 1 match for Great Britain at a week’s Davis Cup, he confirmed he had been”ahead of where I expected to be in this point” with respect to his hip.
Quizzed about what age he’d contemplate retirement again, the 32-year-old added:”It depends on how long the hip lasts essentially.
“I really could have other accidents in addition to this too. If I am healthy, I would really like to play as long as I can.”

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