Andy Murray has ‘no chance’ of winning another Grand Slam, according to Goran Ivanisevic

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Andy Murray has”no chance” of winning the next Grand Slam title, according to former Wimbledon champion Goran Ivanisevic.
The former world demonstrated he contemplated retirement a matter of months before winning the European Open at Antwerp last month.
But gaining confidence during championships in Beijing, Zhuhai and Shanghai, the Scot produced a degree of consistency to acquire at Belgium – his very first name since 2017.
Though he was just able to compete in 1 match for Great Britain at last week’s Davis Cup,” Murray affirmed he was”ahead of where I expected to be in this stage” with respect to his stylish.
Ivanisevic, who is the coach of Novak Djokovic, has been brutally honest in his assessment of three-time Grand Slam champion ever winning a major.
“A Slam? No chance. But he will make a few surprises, he can go far but to triumph I do not think that he can endure seven games – best-of-five,” stated the 2001 Wimbledon winner, who was speaking ahead of the Champions tee in the Royal Albert Hall.
“It is just about health – if he’s healthy and the hip is fine I do not feel that anybody wants to play against Andy following calendar year. He is a fantastic competitor and he wants to win when he steps on the court. He’s bad for the opponents.
“It’s going to be fine. I don’t know what ranking, it is hard to say no more, but if he is healthy he could be up there.”
“Andy, I think I concur with Goran. He will do well at the Slams and I think he’ll be aggressive, but to win a major that is difficult enough when you are healthy,” added Rusedski.
“He is the only British guy to win the ATP tour event this year as well, that only shows what an remarkable competition he is and also his want to really come back.
“Most people, wouldn’t be accomplishing what he has completed. It is there, from a psychological viewpoint and a satisfaction viewpoint, together with his important trophies.”
Murray henman, who had been picked by Murray to ruler the Great Britain team in the ATP Cup has supported the 32-year-old to prove the doubters wrong once again.
“I really don’t believe’can’t’ is the right word, I believe that it’s incredibly difficult as everyone has alluded to. Fit, healthy, youthful, and enjoying the best tennis of the own life it’s still incredibly hard,” explained the former British .
“The battle with the best-of-five-set games is enormous but we all understand that using Andy should you state he can not do something, he likes to prove people wrong.
“I think it’s very unlikely but I’d never, with all these top men it is very harmful to write them off. It will be very, very tough.”
Rusedski added:”If he wins a Slam that will be fantastic. As Tim states, should you say that he can not, that motivates him longer. Also you want him to delight in his final couple of years without putting pressure and that expectation on himself, you do than it was but there’s a little bit less of it.
“Whenever Murray entered a championship he had been expected to triumph. Why not he win a big? Why not he win this occasion? Why not he win ? I think that he’s in a very nice time of his career if he can stay healthy.”
Henman has backed the world No 126 to string together some good benefits in 2020. In addition, he feels Murray can grow back to the top 20.
“I still look at his motion and believe that it can get a lot better. So, if he can move better that is a portion of his game. I believe his results could improve,” additional Henman.
“I believe that he can get back into the top 20. I believe obviously as you get older and the requirements of the game, well have to see how it progresses then.”
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