Andy Murray says he may need another hip operation

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Andy Murray says that he may need to undergo another surgery in an attempt to come back to tennis.
After being diagnosed with what was regarded as mild consequences on his bone, the former world No 1 has not played a match as the Davis Cup finals in November.
Murray pulled from two ATP occasions that were then and the Australian Open this month and he admits he could require an operation to remove bone growth connected to the hip resurfacing surgery last January, he underwent.
“I would hope I should know by the end of the next month whether I’m great to play or not using it,” Murray said.
“That is what I must wait for. And the issue around that’s, if they can’t access it using the arthroscope, which is clearly the expectation, that I would then need to be opened up. That obviously takes longer to recuperate”
The three-time Grand Slam champion says he resumed training and operating a few days ago.
“It’s been incredibly complex,” Murray explained.
“At the Davis Cup I had been diagnosed with this particular bone on the pubis, that had been mild and clearly not a huge deal, but they can kind of niggle on if they aren’t handled correctly.
“It did not really get far better. I began rehabbing I started running on stuff and the treadmill to try and build up.
“The thought was possibly that I’d only irritated it and ought to give it time until it is gone. But my pain was not getting better. I was like,’Look, I am not happy with this diagnosis’.
“And due to the hip and the metal at the cool, it’s extremely tough to get a clear diagnosis because the alloy on the scan makes it extremely tough to read .
“So the concern was then, well, we can not see precisely what’s going on in here, is there any problem with the actual prosthesis? Then from there, I had to have a bone scan.
“However there are issues with that since it’s normal to have quite higher bone action from the first 14 to 16 months following hip treatment, so you can acquire red herrings, however all those scans demonstrated that it had been apparent.”
Last October, murray, who won his first singles title because 2017 at the European Open in Antwerp, says his priority is to return to gym to play at the rest of this year’s Grand Slams.
“I wish to play at the back,” the 32-year-old said.
“This is the thing I have missed these last couple of decades. This season missing the Australian Open to me was rough.
“By the conclusion of last season, I was actually beginning to play fairly well, I had been feeling great and then that happened.
“I want to get back to playing in the slams. That’s what excites me personally and interests me. There is no reason why I can’t.”
Murray was announced as a member of four players in the first line-up for June’s Fever-Tree Championships at Queen’s Club.
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