Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury ‘has to happen’, says Rob McCracken

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Anthony Joshua’s coach Rob McCracken thinks it is”logical” which he’ll fight Tyson Fury eventually.
While Joshua retains the WBO, WBA and IBF belts top for renewed calls for them to pick the titleholder and meaning both heavyweight champions are British fury’s brilliant of Deontay Wilder final weekend earned him the WBC name.
Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn has already said”I guarantee you this fight will happen” and now his trainer McCracken has told Sky Sports:”It has to happen.”
McCracken continued:”It’ll be fantastic when they ship every other – and they’ll do, down the line.
“The top fighting the best is what the world would like to see and, certainly, they are the two best heavyweights in the world at the moment.”
Wilder is expected to invoke his right to a rematch this summer with Fury that would be staged.
Joshua, meanwhile, is expected to confront his challenger Kubrat Pulev in June with all the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium that the likeliest venue.
However, Joshua’s coach McCracken insists they have to take advantage of carrying out a mega-fight involving both Brits:”Without doubt, it’s fascinating, it’s brilliant.
“We have two heavyweight champions ruling the planet – when could you say that, in my life? You never could.
“Big Josh and Tyson have done fantastically well. They are tremendous fighters. What they have achieved is impressive, in their lives and their athletic careers. It is fantastic for Britain.”
Hearn formerly told Sky Sports News:”Fury has been promoted by Bob Arum predominantly. Frank Warren can be involved, MTK are his control firm. I have talked to Best Rank and I have talked to MTK straight.
“Everybody is quite clear on this. Everybody needs this struggle – Anthony Joshua MTK, Top Rank, Frank Warren.
“If we have to fight Pulev, we have got to beat Pulev, and if he has to struggle Wilder, he has got to beat Wilder again. Both of those things will occur. Fury will beat on Wilder again and again Joshua will knock Pulev clean out, even though Bob Arum telling us differently.
“You may get this fight. We will do everything that it can take to create this battle.
“Last timeyou had us and Team Wilder and we were locking heads. You have two guys and two camps that genuinely need this struggle, that really can do everything that they can to create this battle. It’s the only fight”
Dillian Whyte told Sky Sports News that he wants to fight Wilder even.
“I’m disappointed, but I shall still fight the guy,” said Whyte. “I have waited so long to fight with the man. I’ve been pursuing him for so long and he is such a coward.
“I’ll still fight him. Belt or no belt. It is over the belt with him.
“He didn’t want to give me the shooter if he was champion, so that he might give me a shot he’s not champion. It’s disappointing, because Tyson Fury did it did exactly what I have been saying that I might do to him not precisely the way I’d have done it because I would have knocked him out.
“If I’d needed him hurt, I would have had a suitable shootout with himand I’d have knocked him off. Tyson stopped him in good style on his toes, but I’d have stopped him around the floor.”

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