Are the New Orleans Saints set up for a Super Bowl run after recent heartbreak?

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The New Orleans Saints’ two seasons have ended in in tragic fashion.
On January 14, 2018they had a lead over the Minnesota Vikings with just 10 seconds left and their opponents.
They have been tied in the 13-yard line of their opponent, with the Los Angeles Rams 20-20, requiring you first down to run the clock out and kick against the area objective.
They lost both games.
Between the’Minneapolis Miracle’ and also the’NOLA No-Call’, fans, coaches and Saints players have experienced more heartbreak than most teams do more than decades.
This year, they will be back in the playoffs and also in fact to win all of it, but will they finally get over the hump for the first time in 10 years later Sean Payton and Drew Brees delivered the city’s first Lombardi Trophy in the 2009 season?
After watching the Eagles lighting up the Vikings and heading to win Super Bowl LII, along with the Rams mustering up just three points at Super Bowl LIII, the Saints may have felt ill -“it should have been us”.
If the Vikings were pushed by Case Keenum upward with only 10 minutes left – down 23-24 from their own 39-yard line – there seemed the week 41, no way New Orleans wouldn’t be heading into Philadelphia for the NFC Championship game.
But Stefon Diggs captured it,” it was missed by Marcus Williams, pandemonium ensued. Diggs’ 61-yard scamper made that match the playoff history to end using a touchdown.
It had been following the touchdown was mandatory, so nobody understood a conversion. Saints players had left the area, and just eight Vikings took the area as Keenum headed a’Skol’ clap chant and knelt for the team’s two-point’effort’.
Payton was convinced that he hadn’t used up clock in the Saints’ final possession. Williams had to make peace with his error over the summertime. The drama was used by the team as inspiration.
It worked, as the group came out and won 10 of their first 11 games last year, finished 13-3 since the NFC’s top seed, and also tied the most wins in franchise history and also clinched home field for the first time since their Super Bowl season.
They kept off an Eagles’ comeback effort in the divisional round of the playoffs, and appeared in great shape to reach Super Bowl LIII after advancing deep to Rams’ territory with less than two minutes.
But on third-and-10, they would be down all but sent by knowing a to Atlanta, the Saints were exposed to what’s known as the missed call in NFL history.
Brees sent the ball in the direction of receiver Tommylee Lewis, before the ball arrived and Nickell Robey-Coleman clattered him.
No pass interference. No helmet-to-helmet hit. No call, and first down.
There was enough time for Los Angeles back down the area and tie it at 23-23, sending the match to overtime although the Saints took a 23-20 lead.
In OT, Brees has been intercepted, Greg Zuerlein hit a game-winning field goal from 57 yards, and the Saints were out – back.
Robey-Coleman afterwards said:”Hell yeah, that was a PI. I did my part. The telephone was made by referee. We honor it”. The NFL declared a mistake was made by the referees. A lawsuit against the Celtics filed .
Payton, angered at the time, said following the match:”Only getting off the telephone with the team office. They blew the call…
“it is a sport altering telephone. That’s where it’s at.”
In the end, the rules changed based on that drama, allowing coaches to challenge both defensive and offensive pass interference beginning this season. The Saints will never feel justice has been served.
Yet more, play into January and possibly February and the Saints are in a prime place to be contenders. At 9-2, they are only neutralized by the San Francisco 49ers at a seminar that’s extremely strong at the very best.
Despite not having Brees for five matches that season, their crime still ranks 12th in yards per game (368.9) and ninth in points per match (24.7).
Defensively, they are 10th in yards allowed (321.3) and 13th in points allowed (20.9). This is a team which could win in a variety of stages.
Five teams in the conference have eight wins, and also all pose threats. However, the Saints have the construct of a team which could win in a struggle, on the ground or in the air.
How far can they go?
New Orleans may be the first on Thursday night, although no team in the NFL has clinched their postseason berth yet. With a triumph over the 3-8 Atlanta Falcons, they will have wrapped up the NFC South for the third straight season.
But there is a win not a given contrary to their rivals. The Falcons given a loss in the Mercedez-Benz Superdome just 3 weeks ago to New Orleans as 45 days threw but handled yards and no dents.
Alvin Kamara and Latavius Murray were held to only 24 and 12 yards, respectively, as the Saints scored their fewest points since Week Two, when Brees exited in the first quarter.
No matter New Orleans are the favourites.
The Saints competed in and won their first Super Bowl – in Miami. 10 years after, the Saints are again on the path. Will they be there?

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