Arsenal fans criticise owner Stan Kroenke for ‘rudderless’ leadership of club

Arsenal enthusiast groups have united to issue a statement accusing owner Stan Kroenke of both”rudderless” leadership, leaving the club”floating aimlessly”.
The #WeCareDoYou campaign launched in July as a protest against the Arsenal board using a supportive petition signed by over 100,000 fans who felt”a disconnect in the golf club”.
Arsenal fans booed their team off following a 2-2 draw with Southampton on Saturday, extending a run of six matches.
The Arsenal hierarchy has given head trainer Unai Emery backing, but can be under mounting pressure to enhance the performances of the team.
The fan statement made no direct reference Emery, but reiterated their concerns about an”alarming and desperate state of things and off the pitch that need urgent action”.
It read:”We have been advised to’get excited’ and also to support the team. As Arsenal fans we have completed both.
“There are still many problems raised in our first statement that remain unaddressed by the heart. While these things have not gone away, it is the general state of things on and off the pitch which require urgent actions and take precedence.
“Until the team and particularly the senior management arrangement is running efficiently, effectively and ambitiously, subsequently couple of different problems can or can be satisfactorily resolved.
“The early assurance of summer, about what appeared to be good business and favorable signings, has given way to renewed concerns about the club general direction and the leadership of the proprietor. It feels as though the club is rudderless and drifting aimlessly, unsure about its destination.”

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