Ashleigh Barty reflects on Australian summer campaign

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Ashleigh Barty confessed there was a combination of positivity and disappointment .
The world won her first title on home soil before making her first Australian Open semi-final, in which exited at the hands of eventual champion Sofia Kenin.
The Dubai Duty Free Championships skipped a week and she’s preparing .
“It was pleasant to spend time at home with my loved ones. Parts of my family were with me at the Australian Open and my other sister wasn’t, therefore it was nice to catch up with my niece and nephew at home who’d been seeing and loved that month together with me,” Barty told colleagues at All Access Hour in Doha.
“In an ideal world it probably could have been just under a week [off] and then having close to a complete week leading up to Dubai, but I needed to give myself this extra time merely to be certain that it did not derail the remainder of my entire year.
“So sometimes you need to make these kind of decisions to be sure that in the long-term you are looking after yourself. So it was fine to have. I feel really good now. It’s amazing conditions here and I actually like it.”
Barty continued:”We only have to play in Australia for this month of this calendar year, therefore it was really nice I managed to take advantage of that. Particularly I think with this tournament in Adelaide’s background, at the past, it’s incredible. And to put my name on such brand-new decoration was unbelievable. It’s something that’s very near my heart.
“Then to have a very, very powerful Australian Open was exciting. A semi-final of a Slam does not happen each and every week, although it was disappointing to not have been there on the Saturday.
“So I believe all-in-all, however there was disappointment that there was positivity. It was a fantastic month”
In other news teenage sensation Coco Gauff made her 50 introduction in the updated WTA rankings released on Monday, getting the in 15 years to reach the effort.
By reaching the fourth round in her Australian Open debut before losing to eventual winner Sofia Kenin, gauff, who lasted dramatic rise, emulates.
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