Australian Open: Prize money tops £38m with bigger share for earlier rounds

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Australian Open organisers have raised the prize money with the largest gains for individuals to more than # 38m.
The general prize fund for the tournament has risen by 14 percent to 71m Australian dollars (#38.1m).
Players who depart from the first round will receive 20% more than last year while cash for winners at the opening qualifying round is up by a third.
The tournament proper starts in Melbourne on 20 January.
Suicide manager Craig Tiley says that the Australian Open is committed to”improving the pay and conditions for a deeper pool of global tennis players”.
“We worked with the excursions to set that the weighting for prize money rises around by round, and we pushed to reward players competing ancient in the championship in both doubles and singles,” additional Tiley.
“We strongly believe in developing prize money at all levels of this game and we will continue to work with the playing group to make viable career paths in the game and enable more players to make more income.”
Singles winners in the 2020 tournament will take house 4.12m Australian dollars (Number 2.21m).
The prize money for dropping in the first round of qualifying is 20,000 Australian dollars (#10,707) and 90,000 Australian dollars (#48,183) for exiting from the first round main attraction.

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