Barcelona remains best paid sports team, Ronaldo’s Juventus up to third

According to the annual’ Global Sports Rewards Survey’ (GSSS) completed by Sportingintelligence, the average fundamental first-team cover at Barcelona is $12.2 million annually for the present season.
While this signifies a slight drop from this past year, it retains the Catalan club before its Spanish rival Real Madrid, which boasts a $11.1 million average wage bill.
Arguably the most critical improvement is that Juventus has jumped from ninth to third in the list.
Thanks to the registering of Ronaldo and other high-profile gamers, the Italian giant transferred out of No. 32 in 2017/18 to 10th last year prior to making the leap to the podium.
The rest of the top 10 is made up with 2018/19 runners-up Golden State Warriors and the Portland Trail Blazers finishing the top five.
“It is not entirely a coincidence which Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus, the world’s top three wage donors (by average salary) are also among the top ten most popular clubs in any game, anywhere, quantified by their popularity across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combined,” the GSSS report stated.
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A vital factor in Barcelona keeping top position was Messi’s contract at 2018 that pays him more than $65 million a season, such as guaranteed picture rights fees and added a $700 million ($775 million) launch clause.
The biggest risers would be the Buffalo Bills of the NFL — 60 places from No. 152 into No. 92 — although the largest fall off is MLB team the Toronto Blue Jays. The Blue Jays fell 123 places to No. 172.
The NBA remains the very best paying league as a whole in world sport, lasted GSSS, with average basic salaries of nearly #6.7 million ($8.7 million) each participant this season. The Premier League stays the highest paying soccer league on earth, at almost #3.2 million ($4.2 million) per player this season.
The NFL gets the maximum average attendance — 67,100 — although MLB has got the highest total attendance of 68,494,752 tickets offered.
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The Premier League is obviously to break up the English top division attendance record which was put in the 1948/49 season, something that the record’s editor Nick Harris calls”remarkable.”
“In an age of football saturation, weariness at doubtful owners, asset-squeezing, rampant agents’ greed and broadly perceived in-state ticket costs, listing all-time crowds will be notable,” he said.

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