Barry Hawkins felt the pressure during the third 147 of his career at UK Championship

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Barry Hawkins admitted that he was feeling the pressure on Wednesday in the first round of the UK Championship throughout the next 147 of his career.
Hawkins compiled a break in the fourth frame of his game to move following donations of 80 and 91, 68.
Greene fought back to take the next two frames where he’ll face either Alan McManus or Elliot Slessor, but a winner ran out to protect his place in round two.
The left-hander will acquire #15,000 for the highest break of the tournament when no other player handles a max at the York Barbican.
“I did not realise that the prize was so high, which will go to your nice Christmas,” Hawkins told the World Snooker site.
“It turned out to be a good highest because I was always set up. To create a 147 at a significant arena is equally wonderful. I was setting it over the past couple of balls. I needed to take a deep breath when I got to the azure .”
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