Beth Cobden: ‘I knew within seconds my World Cup dream was over’

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“I knew when I went down my World Cup was finished.”
Beth Cobden is reflecting on the minute she ruptured an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) for the next time in one year.
Back in May, the 26-year-old England netballer was only three matches with the Adelaide Thunderbirds when she underwent a feeling that is horribly familiar.
Nine months earlier she had damaged the ACL in her left knee, playing Loughborough Lightning at the final.
“It took somewhat more time to sink in this moment,” she advised Sport because she talked to the first time regarding the injury that would rule her from a home World Cup.
“Last time that I have this feeling where your knee dislocates, and that I expected to look down and see my knee on the side. I looked at it and it seemed normal but I think that was the shock talking.
“After a few seconds I was like:’Oh no, I have done it again…'”
Centre-courter Cobden, a part of the Roses team that won Commonwealth gold in April 2018, said she had”no issues” during her initial pre-season together with her new group.
“I wasn’t back to my best but I was getting there,” Cobden added.
“In training I could feel myself becoming my confidence built up, but that I went from this high the year before – winning the Commonwealth gold to rock base.”
Cobden, who is operating for Netball South Australia organising school holiday training camps, considers fatigue might have been a factor in the first problem as she was”exhausted” following a complete Superleague campaign and the Commonwealth Games.
But she believes that this year’s injury was”a freak”.
“I’d passed all of those tests. I didn’t hurry back. I hadn’t played for nine months and I felt fine, so this was a jolt,” she explained.
Cobden, that had been in Liverpool to see her win bronze has chosen to not play competitive netball in 2020 to provide herself time.
That is her third ACL difficulty, having also injured her right knee when she was 17.
“I will not be back till 2021 but I need to play for England again and I expect a golf club will take me in case my body still works,” she explained.
“I wish to take my time. As I’ve completed three ACLs now I don’t wish to risk anything. If I am still playing at 30, I’ll be happy.”

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