Bradford City complain to FA over fire chants at Newport County

After some Newport fans were accused of mocking the 1985 Valley Parade fire disaster a complaint has lodged to the FA.
The Sky Bet League Two negative say”such repulsive chanting should not be tolerated by anyone and we’ve made our position clear to The FA”, whereas Newport have issued an apology into Bradford along with their manager Stuart McCall following the incident in Rodney Parade.
McCall, who had been a part of the Bantams squad on May 11 1985 when the flame claimed 56 lives, said that the taunts would be the”vilest thing” he’s ever heard at a football game.
McCall’s dad Andy suffered alterations in the catastrophe.
Bradford’s director of communications, Ryan Sparks, stated:”We’re completely disgusted by what our supervisor and team were subjected to on Saturday afternoon. Repulsive chanting should not be tolerated by anyone and we’ve made our position clear to The FA.
“The Valley Parade Fire Disaster was no doubt the strangest day in our club’s proud, 117-year history. We were astounded to see the tragedy – that continues to cause distress – being mocked, with stewards in close proximity seeming to leave the incident unchallenged.
“We would love to take this opportunity, but to thank Newport County to their response over the past 24 hours. Newport officials have informed us that Gwent Police are currently conducting a study into the episode which, as a team, we welcome.”
Newport confirmed on Monday that they were investigating the incident and have now issued an apology into Bradford and their supervisor.
“NCAFC would like to apologise unreservedly into Bradford City AFC and moreso Stuart McCall for its unsavoury actions towards Stuart at Rodney Parade on Saturday 22nd February throughout our Sky Bet League 2 game,” read a statement on their website.
“These activities don’t have any place in the city, let alone in our soccer club and also chairman Gavin Foxall was in dialogue with Bradford leaders and spoken personally to manager Stuart Mcall to offer an apology on behalf that the team.
“The team participates quickly yesterday, working with stakeholders and authorities to identify those involved. Over the coming days we will take appropriate action against these.
“NCAFC welcomes Bradford’s decision to report the incident to the FA, also will work with all parties in order to completely stamp this sort of abhorrent behaviour from Newport County AFC and also football as a game.
“NCAFC would like to emphasise our no tolerance position on discriminatory behavior and assure our supporters that we’re going to continue to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone.
“NCAFC would also want to remind all supporters of our current policies and advise everybody to always act in a decent fashion both within Rodney Parade and in general.
“On behalf of everyone connected with the club we would like to extend our most sincere apologies to all in Bradford City.
“No additional comment will be made at this moment.”

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