Brian Noble: Toronto Wolfpack part company with director of rugby on ‘mutually agreed’ terms

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Toronto Wolfpack have released former Great Britain coach Brian Noble out of his job as director of rugby, in a basis.
It finishes a four-year association using the Wolfpack for its 59-year-old, that had been notably responsible for recruitment and player development.
Throughout his period, Toronto got two promotions to reach Super League, only 3 years into their existence.
“Brian was a valuable resource and strength,” chairman Bob Hunter stated.
“Our promotion into Super League would not have been possible without him. I don’t just speak to me, but for the whole company, as we wish Nobby the absolute best and can’t thank him enough for everything he has meant to our club”
Noble, who obtained Super League names and Challenge Cups domestically with Bradford and stays the last coach to direct a northern hemisphere team to triumph over Australia, was introduced in the Toronto club because of his wealth of expertise and connections to help establish the club as a direct force.
For their ambitious recruitment, Toronto were made headlines on both sides of the Atlantic In their history.
This winter that they brought in Sonny Bill Williams, the All Black and National Rugby League Grand Final winner, and over the past few seasons have seen Ricky Leutele, Jon Wilkin and Fui Fui Moimoi the club’s jersey is worn by all.
Noble added:”It has been a feeling that I will never forget and feel it’s one of my best accomplishments. I have been considering my future and I feel that now is the time for me.
“My assignment has been achieved with the delivery of some solid soccer infrastructure for the club in Toronto and the UK while being part of a brand which continues to bring some of the greatest talent internationally.
“There’s a excellent sense of accomplishment knowing that I managed to help the Wolfpack business in breaking rugby league from its traditional heartlands and take the game to new viewers in North America.”

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