Brook vs DeLuca: Kell Brook says ultimate ambition would be Errol Spence Jr rematch

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Kell Brook has revealed that his”dream struggle” are a rematch with Errol Spence Jr, but he is focusing on a”spectacular” triumph over Mark DeLuca next month.
The former world champion goes against DeLuca – live Sky Sports – as Brook expects a remarkable win on the battle in 2020.
His reign as IBF welterweight champion was finished by an 11th round stoppage loss to Spence Jr at 2017, but Brook yearns for the opportunity to avenge that defeat.
“If I could have my dream fight, it’d be an Errol Spence rematch,” Brook told Sky Sports.
“I could do welterweight. For the ideal fight, I will do welterweight. It would have to be a fight. A domain fight, or even a large meaningful fight.”
Brook’s next battle is in super-welterweight, a division where he wants the names, even though the 33-year-old recognises he wants a operation to regain the attention of his competitors.
“2020 I want to be two-time winner,” he explained. “I’ve never been as driven, I have never been focused in my entire career as I am now, because I’d like to combine it with the ideal.
“When I have an incredible performance, it doesn’t count on February 8, I’m not pleased.
“It has got to be spectacular. You have got to move out and think’he’s better than ‘ That is what I would like people to say.”
But DeLuca has earned the respect of the coach Dominic Ingle of Brook along with the 31-year-old will hope to send the hometown man into retirement.
“Dominic has seen the guy fight live a couple of times, it is a challenging fight,” Brook said. “He’s tough, he is an ex-Marine, he’s obviously into his fitness.
“He is very determined. He understands this is a opportunity to create a name. He is going to give it his all.
“He’s learnt on the road. He’s got one conquer and the next battle he avenged the loss, so he is obviously studying. He’s never lost, he is a winner. He believes that is his chance.”
View Kell Brook against Mark DeLuca in Sheffield on February 8, live on Sky Sports.

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