Bruno Fernandes: Cristiano Ronaldo inspired me to play for Manchester United

Bruno Fernandes has shown how Cristiano Ronaldo made it a”childhood dream” to play for Manchester United.
The 25-year-old finally realised his dream about Deadline Day once he completed a 46.6m move from Portuguese club Sporting Lisbon following lengthy talks throughout January.
The Portugal says that he is about to follow in his idol Ronaldo’s footsteps and bring back silverware into Old Trafford.
“I’m a Cristiano Ronaldo fan and he is a player I have always followed,” Fernandes said.
“When Cristiano burst on to the scene in Manchester, he also spent a great chunk of his early career and enjoyed much success.
“That’s the reason it was a fantasy of mine to play for Manchester United and I am very happy to be here because it’s a childhood dream come true.
“I think any participant who joins Manchester United would like to acquire everything; I want to win every contest which Manchester United contend in.
“I’m an ambitious player who desires success and I would like to win every game in every competition we are in.”
With Ronaldo himself backing his own Portugal team-mate to glow, fernandes arrives at the Premier League highly regarded.
The midfielder claims that he can take care of any tension and expectations that come his way, In addition to the compliments.
“I did not talk to [Ronaldo] before arriving but did my arrival,” Fernandes said.
“I understand some people asked Cristiano what he thought of me and everything I was like as a participant and a person.
“I know that he spoke highly of me gave me a very good reference, which that I sent a message later to thank him for his kind words.
“Pressure always needs to be present in our day-to-day and we have to be under pressure to improve every day.
“I am a person who needs a whole great deal out of myself and always want more and to perform better.
“That is why, regardless of the transport fee, I wanted to keep advancing and become a better player.”

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