Calgary Flames head coach Bill Peters resigns after accusations of racist and physical abuse

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The Calgary Flames have approved head coach Bill Peters’ resignation after accusations of abuse.
Peters’ potential using the National Hockey League franchise had been in doubt since former Flames Akim Aliu went public with allegations against him on media on Monday.
Aliu, who was born in Nigeria, asserted Peters had directed a racial slur towards him when he was playing at American Hockey League group Rockford Ice Hogs a decade ago.
He said on Twitter which Peters had”dropped the N bomb many times towards me in the dressing room” and claimed he had been demoted a level to the ECHL over his reaction to it.
Since the revelation of Aliu, Peters has been accused of abusing players as coach of the Carolina Hurricanes.
Peters hadn’t been around the Flames seat but that statement did not mention Aliu by name since the accusations were created and released an apology in their Wednesday night game against the Buffalo Sabres.
The 53-year-old said in his apology it was an”isolated and instantly regrettable incident” and claimed the phrase was”not directed at anyone in particular.”
Following the apology, Aliu responded:”I have read the announcement of Bill Peters, which I found to be misleading, insincere and about. Discuss and I have accepted an invitation to meet this circumstance.
“Out of respect for that procedure, I will not respond openly to the announcement or talk about the racism and discrimination I have endured until after my meeting”
Assistant Geoff Ward takes more than Flames head coach in the interim with general manager Brad Treliving indicating a press conference:”It has been a challenging time, but we’re going to move forward.”

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