Celtics Star Point Guard Kemba Walker Achieves Impressive Milestone at TD Garden

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Kemba Walker (plus-5.1 Offensive Box Plus/Minus) has been underrated for decades, he’s been one of the top point guards in the NBA for a long time but now he’s at a large market he’s now getting the recognition that he deserves. His performances in TD Garden happen to be magnificent and the way he is in attack mode is why he was given a standing ovation last Wednesday by Celtics fans and also one reason behind his success.
He was able to return and make himself and that then he missed Monday’s game although he left Friday’s game following a head-to-torso crash together with Semi Ojeleye in Denver. “I have been around. I might have played last game, frankly,” Walker said after the match. “If I am on the court, then I’m on the court. I was not considering anything (however ) desiring to win”
Although his 22.3 points, 4.6 assists and 0.9 steals in 32.3 minutes over 16 games are actually down from last year’s numbers, his rebounds (4.7) and cubes (0.5) are much better and he’s creating a career-best 3.6 3-pointers a game on 40.4-percent shooting and he has helped the Celtics win constantly. Few believed the Celtics serious contenders this season but 5Dimes has them and I truly enjoy their chances .

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