Charles Leclerc to outscore Sebastian Vettel? F1 team-mate head-to-heads

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The entire tournament conflicts may be settled for one more Formula 1 season, but there are still scores and a few crucial duels to be settled at the year-ending Abu Dhabi GP.
Could Charles Leclerc eventually become the F1 team-mate that is second to outscore Sebastian Vettel? Who’ll win the McLaren qualifying head-to-head?
Take a look at the numbers below – with a driver awarded a point.
Qualifying: Hamilton 13-7 Bottas
Finest result: Hamilton 1st (x4), Bottas 1st (x5)
Hurry: Hamilton 14-6 Bottas
Very best result: Hamilton 1st (x10), Bottas 1st (x4)
Points: Hamilton 387-314 Bottas
World winner for a sixth time with two races to spare, Lewis Hamilton is the winner of this Mercedes head-to-head 2019. His first 10 race wins – eight of which came before the summertime – have demonstrated the basis for his championship achievement. But Valtteri Bottas’ four successes do represent the greatest haul of a season for the Finn.
Hamilton has comfortably won the qualifying match-up, but his team-mate has yet another pole position, with Bottas nudging one ahead in Austin – Mercedes’ only rod in the past nine races. Hamilton ‘s 10/4 win-pole strike speed is made by that.
Qualifying: Vettel 9-11 Leclerc
Finest outcome: Vettel 1st (x2), Leclerc 1st (x7)
Hurry: Vettel 11-8 Leclerc*
Finest result: Vettel 1st, Leclerc 1st (x2)
Factors: Vettel 230-249 Leclerc
The struggle which has demonstrated more attention than any other’s focus this season has challenged the established supremacy of Sebastian Vettel .
Leclerc is in line and clinched the qualifying head-to-head in Mexico to finish since the Ferrari driver with the most points in the end of Sunday. The sole to outscore Sebastian Vettel within an F1 year was a Daniel Ricciardo at 2014, which was the Australian time in Red Bull.
Therefore no score is awarded, * both drivers failed to complete in Brazil
Qualifying: Verstappen 7-1 Albon / Verstappen 11-1 Gasly
Best result: Verstappen 1st (x2), Albon 5th (x2), Gasly 4th
Race: Verstappen 4-4 Albon / Verstappen 11-1 Gasly
Finest result: Verstappen 1st (x3), Albon 4th, Gasly 4th
Points: Verstappen 79-68 Albon (from Belgium) / / Verstappen 181-63 Gasly (earlier Belgium)
Max Verstappen has become the driver who has given Red Bull effects all season, with the Dutchman’s remarkable win in Brazil his Sunday victory of 2019. He has only been outqualified – and then when factors intervened – and procured each of eight of the podiums of the team.
Alex Albon has impressed considering substituting Pierre Gasly from August, qualifying closer to Verstappen, along with the Thai motorist would boast a 100 per cent scoring record – headlined by means of a maiden F1 podium – however to get Lewis Hamilton’s misjudgement overdue in at Interlagos, when Albon was running second into his team-mate.
Qualifying: Sainz 10-10 Norris
Very best result: Sainz 6th (x2), Norris 5th
Race: Sainz 13-7 Norris
Best result: Sainz 3rd, Norris 6th (x2)
Factors: Sainz 95-45 Norris
The sole qualifying head-to-head that’s still to be settled. Tied at 10 Saturday McLaren’wins’ apiece after a post-summer break surge from Carlos Sainz (it is 6-2 at the Spaniard’s favour because August), the team-mates have established a very competitive yet friendly rivalry in an effective first year together at McLaren.
Sainz’s exploits on race day have made him one of those standout stars of 2019, using all the Spaniard vying with Pierre Gasly and Alex Albon – that have spent half a season at Red Bull – for sixth place at the Drivers’ Championship. The eventual podium in Brazil of sainz has been McLaren’s first in over five years.
Qualifying: Ricciardo 12-7 Hulkenberg*
Finest outcome: Ricciardo 4th, Hulkenberg 6th
Race: Ricciardo 10-7 Hulkenberg**
Very best outcome: Hulkenberg 5th, Ricciardo 4th
Factors: Ricciardo 54-37 Hulkenberg
Daniel Ricciardo has attracted steadily clear of Nico Hulkenberg from the Renault head-to-head, with the Australian heading to Abu Dhabi on the rear of consecutive sixth-place finishes.
Hulkenberg has finished in the points more occasions – 10 occasions to Ricciardo’s eight – however, that the latter has normally secured the larger results for Renault when they have been on supply.
* Ricciardo qualified ahead but his car was later disqualified, therefore no score is awarded
**Both drivers failed to complete at Bahrain and Germany, while the two cars were in Japan, therefore no dents are given.
Qualifying: Kvyat 2-6 Gasly / Kvyat 7-5 Albon
Finest outcome: Kvyat 6th, Gasly 7th, Albon 9th
Race: Kvyat 3-5 Gasly / Kvyat 8-4 Albon
Finest result: Gasly 2nd, Kvyat 3rd, Albon 6th
Factors: Kvyat 8-32 Gasly (from Belgium) / Kvyat 27-16 Albon (before Belgium)
Pierre Gasly’s powerful and consistent shape since returning to the familiar environment of Toro Rosso has become apparent, with the Frenchman comfortably ahead of Daniil Kvyat from the major head-to-head metrics.
Unbelievably, Gasly and Kvyat have now each completed on the podium this year for a team who had only previously found themselves once in their own 13-year existence.
Qualifying: Perez 17-3 Stroll
Best outcome: Perez 5th, Stroll 9th
Race: Perez 15-5 Stroll
Very best result: Perez 6th (x2), Stroll 4th
Factors: Perez 46-21 Stroll
Sergio Perez has kept Racing Point’s tally ticking along within the next half of the season, using a top-10 finish just eluding him in Singapore because the effort resumed.
The Mexican has dominated the Saturday head-to-head annually, though Stroll’s Q1 leaves have become less frequent lately. Even the Canadian position from Germany, meanwhile, remains the team’s best result of the season.
Qualifying: Raikkonen 12-8 Giovinazzi
Finest outcome: Raikkonen 5th, Giovinazzi 8th (x2)
Race: Raikkonen 16-4 Giovinazzi
Finest result: Giovinazzi 5th, Raikkonen 4th
Factors: Raikkonen 43-14 Giovinazzi
Until their four-five factors bonanza from the bedlam of Brazilendings had become considerably more difficult to come by for Alfa Romeo over the second half of the year.
The Kimi Raikkonen has been their runner annually, however, the gap has been closed by Antonio Giovinazzi – particularly at qualifying – the longer the year has gone on.
Qualifying: Magnussen 12-8 Grosjean
Best outcome: Magnussen 5th, Grosjean 6th (x2)
Hurry: Magnussen 10-9 Grosjean*
Finest result: Magnussen Grosjean 7th
Factors: Magnussen 20-8 Grosjean
A qualifying edge for Kevin Magnussen over Romain Grosjean, however little to choose between the Haas set on race days with the overall Sunday malaise of all the team emerging as the greatest story here.
While collisions involving the team-mates at the first half of this year squandered a few points opportunities, the neglecting’s of these have supposed some strong qualifying performances from Grosjean and Magnussen have gone unrewarded.
So no score is granted, * both drivers didn’t complete in Great Britain
Qualifying: Russell 20-0 Kubica
Finest result: Russell 16th, Kubica 18th (x2)
Race: Russell 16-3 Kubica*
Finest result: Russell 11th
Points: Russell 0-1 Kubica
George Russell stays on track for the sole qualifying whitewash of F1 2019, with application and the rookie’s consistency in conditions shiny through all year.
Russell’s excellence has mostly been replicated on race day also, although it had been Kubica who believed the team’s only real point when penalties shuffled the Pole at Germany. Russell was left in 11th, out.
So no score is granted, * both drivers failed to complete in Russia
This 2019 F1 season’s last race will be live on Sky Sports F1, and takes place in Abu Dhabi on December 1.

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