Chelsea accuse Fifa of double standards over transfer ban

Chelsea state Fifa treated them harshly than Manchester City despite their move ban being cut appeal.
The Blues’ prohibit was halved by the Court of Arbitration for Sport, alerting them to buy players month.
City did not get a move ban after they were found to have violated rules on registering players.
“Fifa chose to deal with Chelsea entirely otherwise to Manchester City for reasons that make absolutely no sense,” read a Chelsea statement.
“The approach taken by Fifa for this instance was deeply unsatisfactory.”
Fifa accused of rules about the signing of 27 players Chelsea. However, the Blues maintained that in 16 of those situations, the players were enrolled in accord that the game’s global governing body had given the Football Association in 2009.
Chelsea argued that the alleged rules breaches in the remaining 11 cases were either”procedural” or else there was no case to answer because of precedents put in Cas’ judgment on Spanish side Real Madrid’s transfer ban in 2016.
“Chelsea respects the significance of the job undertaken by Fifa in relation to the security of minors and has completely cooperated with Fifa during its evaluation,” added Chelsea.
“However, if Fifa continues to inflict inconsistent and unequal sanctions on golf clubs then it will not only undermine the primary purpose of the regulations, but additionally, it will bring to doubt the match’s confidence in Fifa being in a position to appropriately govern this important place.”

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