Chelsea: Frank Lampard feels no extra financial pressure to qualify for Champions League

Frank Lampard says that he feels no extra pressure to guarantee Chelsea played down the possibility of his very best players whenever they fail to do so, leaving and qualify for the Champions League.
Chelsea recorded a 96.6m loss for the year end June 30 as the Blues released their latest financial results in January with the club mentioning a lack of Champions League soccer over the period as a single variable in the reduction.
The Blues have observed Diego Costa, Thibaut Courtois and Eden Hazard depart the club in recent summertime move windows however Lampard doesn’t fear losing the likes of N’Golo Kante if his side don’t procure a top-four berth and states they want to add top names to the squad.
“That is not a question for me personally in relation to the money, the question for me is a soccer question – do you really wish to be in the Champions League? It is yes,” he said.
“I’m not stupid, I know these numbers and I’ve seen those figures and I understand Chelsea in recent years have had years at the Champions League, annually from all European rivalry once they won the league, a year at Europa league so it has happened and this club is still here and trying to move forward.
“I entirely think of it as a footballing matter in terms of wanting to get to the Champions League and, clearly, if this happens, if sustaining this will help on this fiscal level, yeah.”
He added:”We clearly need to maintain our best gamers, Kante is an extraordinary player and everyone knows that. That might be case by case, individual by individual. In the end of the evening, no matter the player’s grade, you need players who are looking to be here at Chelsea and would like to push and push and close the gap upwards that we have right now.
“That is a question for the summertime and something I certainly shouldn’t be dwelling on now. We would like to keep our best players and in fact need to be adding that to attempt to improve as most of top clubs perform.”
Chelsea began the summer in the midst of a FIFA move ban, which played a part appearing to the team’s younger players to step back in charge at Stamford Bridge.
His side sit fourth after an encouraging start but just one win from his final five home Premier League matches has witnessed their edge over this weekend’s competitions Tottenham shrink to only 1 point from the race to the Champions League and also Lampard considers expectations on his youthful side could have risen following their start to the effort.
“Perhaps they did [expectations rose] and that is a good thing and normal and it’s human nature. We were happy when we were winning seven to the rebound and went into the global break in and about Manchester City but since then we have not retained the consistency of outcomes from that but I think that the perception is still there,” he said.
“We wish to become a club that pushes on but you need to see that the players are absolutely giving everything. Manchester United was a showing of the home form this year. Some pieces, when we do not take our opportunities, which we create a couple of, enough and we aren’t clinical with it then games become hard. The fans have been with us and that’s something for me and us to overcome without a doubt and we all want them.
“People respect us if they arrive at the Bridge. They know that we can lead them to problems and a great deal of teams have begun here, the games that we have lost, it has felt like missing things are when groups have defended, we have had a good deal of the ball, so we have not been clinical at our minutes to score targets that can at times generate a little nervousness and we’ve conceded at bad times and that is merely the brutal truth of it.
“I really don’t think it is inexperience, I do not. It is possible to look at the youth in the group and maybe that is an simple conclusion it is part of it. It is always tough to completely pinpoint things however sometimes the clinical nature of not scoring, the sloppy nature of having a moment’s lapse which may give a team which has one or 2 shots at goal a target in a match that has occurred a couple of times at home. It can be encounter, can it be attention, quality, the high quality grade of the finish – I believe there are a whole lot of things for it”
Mason Mount hasn’t been able recently to quite reach the heights of his remarkable early-season screens but Lampard says that he trusts him to perform his way through a small recession in form, and it has endorsed all his young gamers to apply this difficult spell in the Premier League because the”making” of these.
“There’s competition in that region too so it is not a simple choice for me, a week to week,” Lampard said. “I know Mason well from working with him and I understand he’s tough on himself. Probably since the Tottenham game as that is what he is capable of he will wish to have more output and aids.
“He is fine, he’s quite conscious of this, I have quite honest discussions with Mason and I know he wants the best for himself and I see it out there daily. Even if these goals and assists are not quite coming he could fight his way through this, no issue.”
He added:”This stage is exactly what all clubs suffer in the Premier League, usually. Individually you suffer periods of shape and also as a young player you need to know more and become sensitive to the fact it can affect confidence because they have just been thrust into the team this year and it is new and also the eyes of the world are about them. That’s a big thing.
“It is a test for your younger gamers and I think with the bodily nature of the team and above the span of this season it probably was always likely to come that individuals would have small dips and the way in which they come from it will certainly be the making of them. It’s always the same it is the way they work and train and the attention they have that will bring them through.
“I believe in all them. Whether they’re in dips or perhaps not, I think that they are all going to be top players with this bar but they must keep pushing and they need to be powerful in moments such as this.”

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