Cheltenham 1-1 Cambridge: Will Boyle rescues draw for Robins

Cheltenham vs Cambridge U
Sky Bet League 2
3:00pm Saturday December

Whaddon Road Ground
(Att: 2813)

Because they moved into the top three will Boyle’s next goal in two matches saved a 1-1 Sky Bet League 2 draw for Cheltenham at home to Cambridge.
Because they moved to the top three on goal 32, will Boyle’s second goal in two games saved a Sky Bet League 2 draw Cheltenham at home.
The prior Huddersfield youth defender headed in a cross from Ben Tozer eight minutes after the rest to cancel out Paul Lewis’ opener to the U’s.
When Alex Addai almost forced over the line Ryan Broom’s reduced ball cheltenham nearly took the lead in the 26th minute, but his attempt went just wide.
Cambridge is put by lewis in front a second later from seven yards after a cross from Kyle Knoyle about the best.
Cheltenham were rocked and only a reaction save from goalkeeper Flinders refused Lewis another at the 36th minute.
The side showed a vast improvement after half-time, together with Reuben Reid’s shot preserved after a slick passing movement involving four gamers.
They looked the likely winners, though Reggie Lambe was near snatching it with a shot that flashed past the post in the 71st minute to the people and levelled through Boyle.

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