Commonwealth Games 2022: Shooting and archery events to be held in India

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India will host the shooting and archery events in the 2022 Commonwealth Games, six months.
India who threatened to boycott Birmingham 2022 after shooting was excluded put forward the proposal.
Both events will occur in Chandigarh at January 2022, with the games out of 27 July to 7 August.
The transfer to India was approved by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) Executive Board.
Medals will count towards the competition, although Birmingham 2022 and chandigarh 2022 will be financed and organised.
“There is a very long tradition of Commonwealth Championships being held across the globe, including several different sports, so it’s good news that India will soon be continuing that heritage,” said Birmingham 2022 chief executive Ian Reid.
CGF president Dame Louise Martin stated:”Commonwealth archery and shooting athletes finally have an unparalleled chance to compete at an elite event that will showcase the top of Commonwealth Sport and add value to the Commonwealth Sports Movement.”
Shooting was included because 1966 besides one in every Games.
But last year Birmingham 2022 announced that the sport – together with archery – had been left from this programme, as they’re both sports for host cities.
India has a record of shooting. For 16 of their 66 trophy winners, the shooters of the country accounted at the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, leading to a third-place finish at the medal table. They threatened to boycott the event if a compromise couldn’t be found.

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