Courtney Lawes says England starring role against Ireland was made possible by injection

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Courtney Lawes has revealed a pain-killing shot to his ankle allowed him to put in a man-of-the-match functionality as England ended Ireland’s Six Nations Grand Slam struggle on Sunday.
Lawes drew par to become the ninth player of his country, since he assisted beat the at Twickenham.
The medical attention he received back in Northampton came to his 31st birthday, however, made possible the performance.
“I had a jab in my ankle last Tuesday. My ankle was playing up for quite a while so it was fantastic to have that. This made a significant difference,” explained Lawes.
“I came back, trained very well this week also managed to use my footwork far more. It paid dividends from Ireland.”
Lawes was disappointed with his performance against France in Paris, based on England head coach Eddie Jones, since they dropped their Six Nations opener.
Lawes insisted that his operation against the French wasn’t disastrous although a week after he had been demoted to the seat against Scotland.
Lawes added:”I don’t believe I went horribly against France. I had been solid. I got my hands around the ball a whole great deal, made plenty of tackles.
“I was clearly disappointed to have lost, as you always are, [if you’re ] dropped or transferred position.
“I was very happy to get on against Scotland, make some hits and get the start again this week.”

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