Cristiano Ronaldo: Juventus forward on verge of 1,000th senior appearance

When Juventus traveling to SPAL in Serie A on Saturday cristiano Ronaldo is set to generate the 1,000 th senior look of his career.
The Portugal star has played games in 164 and club soccer .
The extraordinary career of the Ballon d’Or winner started at Lisbon at Sporting, before going to Manchester United, aged 31, where he made 31 appearances.
Following six decades and looks at United, Ronaldo joined Real Madrid in 2009 and remained there until 2018 when he made the switch.
Ronaldo struck on his stride at the 2006-07 season when he struck at more than 20 goals in a period for the very first time as can been seen by the table below. The consequences since then has been nothing short of phenomenal.
Ronaldo has improved with age, particularly at international level. After hitting on single-figure levels in his first 10 seasons with Portugal, he has scored 10 or more goals in three of their past four seasons.
Real Madrid have benefited from Ronaldo’s wealthy kind – 450 of his own 724 livelihood goals having been nominated for the giants, for whom he created 438 looks – more than for any other team.
He also scored five goals in his 31 games for Sporting, 118 in 292 appearances for Manchester United,” 99 in 164 for Portugal and is now on 52 at 72 for Juventus.
From Sevilla, 27 have come of his 724 goals during his career – his opponents.
The English club he has scored the most against in all competitions would be Tottenham Hotspur (10).
His first career hat-trick was for Manchester United from Newcastle at a 6-0 triumph on 12 January 2008.
He’s gone on to score 55 hat-tricks that were further but surprisingly that first one was the only time he struck a treble for United in a match.
This season, his came from Cagliari at a win for Juventus on 6 January.
A caution is in Ronaldo’s look record.
Two of the 999 games were Sporting B in their reserve team. The first of those came after his whole debut for the first group.
Before you say those matches don’t count, the series play in precisely the league system that is identical like Primera Liga side Sporting – consider it as like a Liverpool B group playing in League Two – therefore it counts as level football.
But Ronaldo didn’t score in either of the 2 appearances and discounting them would suggest that he would actually bring up his 1,000th game against Juventus’ rivals Inter Milan next weekend, possibly the guy himself would like that they didn’t count.
He is a player for the big events after all…
If Ronaldo decides to retire, he will have the ability to return on joyful moments from his career. Here we take a look at some his puzzle matches.
Sporting Lisbon 0-0 Inter Milan – 14 August 2002
Manchester United 4-0 Bolton Wanderers – 16 August 2003
Manchester United 3-0 Millwall – 22 May 2004
Portugal 1-2 Greece – 12 June 2004
Manchester United 6-0 Newcastle – 12 January 2008
Real Madrid 3-2 Deportivo La Coruna – 29 August 2009
Lyon 0-2 Real Madrid – 2 November 2011
Ajax 1-4 Real Madrid – 3 October 2012
Northern Ireland 2-4 Portugal – 6 September 2013
Real Madrid 9-1 Granada – 5 April 2015
Real Madrid 3-0 Levante – 17 October 2015
Real Madrid 4-2 Bayern Munich – 18th April 2017
Real Madrid 6-3 Girona – 18 March 2018
Juventus 2-1 Sassuolo – 16 September 2018

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