Crystal Palace defender Martin Kelly backs Ocean Rescue

Crystal Palace defender Martin Kelly has provided his service to Sky’s Ocean Rescue campaign and says the secret is”making small alterations”.
Kelly visited a school to help establish two contests about topics to reduce plastic usage and food waste in lunch boxes and to talk about the topic.
Chelsea and Newcastle have contributed to the campaign, reducing their use of plastic and on the practice ground.
“It makes you realize that there is some things going on and we’re smart as a human race to comprehend what’s good and what is bad for us,” Kelly told Sky Sports.
“So I believe if we can put into perspective what we need here in the world, we’ve got excellent stuff , it will be helpful for all of us to have on board and make a difference.
“It’s a subject that needs to be talked about about a grand scale but should you take baby steps, make small alterations, use plastic, then it could definitely make a difference”
Sky Ocean Rescue is currently raising awareness of the issues caused by single-use plastic and helping to clean up our oceans.

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