Daniel Ricciardo will ‘answer calls’ from teams but wants Renault stay

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Daniel Ricciardo has admitted that he will”response calls” from rival teams should they attempt to poach this season but insists his priority is still remaining with Renault – that know they have to improve to make this a reality.
Ricciardo had exalted expectations after amazingly substituting a race-winning seat in Red Bill for Renault to get 2019 but his new team finished a disappointing fifth in the standings – and that sort, coupled with the reality Ricciardo’s contract ends this season, has raised doubts about his future.
The Australian, who has seven race victories, has been linked with Ferrari. But while he is not ruling out a movement, he needs his decision to join Renault to pay long-term off.
“I shall answer calls, for sure,” said Ricciardo during the summer analyzing. “However, I most importantly need this to get the job done.
“I don’t want it to feel like I have just come to Renault, obtained away from Red Bull then I’m just trying to find the next greatest thing. I really wish to make this happen and make it work.”
Ricciardo admits that the key to that wish is Renault making up a step to demonstrate that they can be aggressive in 2021, when the form publication could be wrapped up with a regulation change.
“Hopefully [we] get enough from this that the travel continues past my two-year contract,” he further added. “That’s the ideal situation. To chat about other things ifs, and the near future, it is still too early, you do not wish to rock the ship.”
Renault’s non-executive manager Alain Prost, meanwhile, only told Sky Sports News:”We don’t have all the secrets in our hands, but we would like to demonstrate that the best position will be to be with us .”
Renault, like many teams at testing, have started – and the 2020 car they’ve debuted in Barcelona is very similar for their 2019 challenger, albeit using a nose and rear wing.
They say they’ll bring several upgrades at the beginning of the season.
Explaining the way they can keep Ricciardo, Prost, a four-time F1 winner, told Craig Slater:”First of all we will need to create 2020 much better compared to 2019, concerning reliability of the automobile and the engine, which I believe ought to be a lot , much better.
“With regard to development, we need to reveal what we will get on the vehicle in Melbourne, Vietnam and Holland are likely to be around. This past year we introduced a lot of different things middle of the season, which did not do the job.
“If you see the performance of the car, you are happy, you’re confident, therefore we must demonstrate that.
“And he understands much more of what we are doing for next year on the stairs side and also the engine also because we have a entirely new engine.”

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