Danny Drinkwater’s Burnley future remains unclear, says Sean Dyche

Burnley manager Sean Dyche says it’s too early to know if Danny Drinkwater will probably be in the club beyond January.
The Leicester midfielder joined on loan from Chelsea in August before the New Year but he’s spent months on the sidelines injured after being assaulted in September.
The 29-year-old’s only appearance for the club arrived by Sunderland on August 28 and uncertainty remains on his future at the bar.
“We haven’t really seen him,” said that the Burnley boss. “Of course we understand , we understand what he can in training we have noticed that but it is the games, everyone becomes judged about the matches, I think he’s just part of this thinking.
“Therefore I think it’s too early to be worried about that, we wish to watch him get fit and get on the pitch sooner or later and take it from there.
“I think there is an element of him getting himself back on course. I’ve spoken about the larger image to him because he is desperate to play, dire, he is working hard trying to get fit.
“But it’s the bigger picture, we’re not likely to push someone who’s not really there, we are not likely to force anything on them, I would not with any player here whether they’re on loan or one of my players who is under contract.
“So I think that it’s a case of proper time, when he is ready, when he is to push, and obviously displacing someone else since we like the midfield players we have got here.
“He knows it’s a challenge, he understood it when it came here.”
Drinkwater is back in full training and Dyche might have a opportunity to look at him once Burnley play with with Crystal Palace at Turf Moor on Saturday.
“He is getting fitter, he’s had a variety of book games which was important because he hasn’t played that much football along with his sharpness is improving so he’s certainly in the mixture of believing,” he added.
“He was last weekhe travelled with us [to Watford] so he will surely come in the believing”

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