David de Gea suggests lack of quality could be cause for Man Utd’s inconsistent form

David de Gea states the erratic streak of form of Manchester United might be down to some’shortage of quality’ from the group.
An overdue Oli McBurnie equaliser denied them that a comeback win at Bramall Lane although united were seconds away from procuring their first back-to-back Premier League wins.
De Gea understands that the team has been putting in work on the practice floor, however, says that an improvement in performance is needed if they wish to rise up from their 9th place in the table if they sponsor Aston Villa on Sunday.
“The group is exactly what it can be, and results are what they’ve been lately,” De Gea told Sky Sports News. “It’s a fact that the very first half was dreadful, most likely one of the worst this year.
“The response of the team in the second half has been significant, but it is inadequate. We should win these kind of games to be at the top, we have to win four or five matches in a row to become in the very top, but in the present time the team is not playing well.
“We are giving it everything, we’re trying to find those big wins that can put us up in the table, however the truth is at the moment we’re not consistent enough, there is much to train and to improve.
“I don’t think that it’s through any lack of work, the boys are leaving everything out to the field in games and training. You might point maybe to a scarcity of quality in some specific places, but certainly not too little fight.”
De Gea is one of the mainstays of Manchester United’s squad, with entered his ninth season at the club.
The Spain international, who signed a deal in September keeping him at Old Trafford until 2023 admitted he’s setting settled in Manchester.
“The fact is that I feel like at home ,” De Gea said. “There are times when I’m in Spain and I am really excited about coming back at home in Manchester.
“We’ve been here for a lot of years and I really feel like people appreciate me , I’ve made a great deal of buddies and I’m thrilled to be part of this club.
“It’s been a long time that I’ve been playing here and it’s not a simple issue to keep playing at the highest level and to maintain that level.
“I hope that we can get more accolades in years to come by working hard and enjoying to the exact high degree.”
Sky Sports News reporter James Cooper states:”Missing a visit to Kazakhstan where a young Manchester United squad remained on UK time to combat a seven-hour time gap wasn’t sufficient to enthuse David de Gea, who appeared fed up with the club’s current problems – bemoaning the lack of quality.
“There has been lots of honesty in the Spaniard who announced there is enough fight and attempt one of the group, but indicated people could not trust the present players as soon as it comes to supplying wins rather than defeats.
“De Gea was influential as Manchester United fought back by a lethargic beginning at Sheffield United a week, taking a throw-in which resulted in the initial of the people three goals and producing a double rescue which kept them into the match in the first half.
“The United keeper admitted that it was the very first time he’s shot a throw-in in the match and just wanted to get his team-mates on front foot at Bramall Lane.
“This weekend his opposite number is a former United kid, Aston Villa’s Tom Heaton and De Gea’s expecting him to produce a generally inspired performance at Old Trafford.”

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