David Martin: West Ham goalkeeper struggled to eat ahead of Premier League debut

West Ham goalkeeper David Martin revealed he could hardly eat at Chelsea into his Premier League debut for two days in the build-up.
Since West Ham stole a 1-0 triumph at Stamford Bridge, with his daddy and Hammers stalwart Alvin viewing from the 33, martin pulled off a clean sheet in his bow.
Martin admitted he had been in tears as he walked into the audience to hug his dad, the former England defender who spent 20 years at West Ham between 1976 and 1996.
The former Millwall goalkeeper shored up the Hammers’ defence in replacing Roberto, who had leaked three goals in nine matches, as West Ham closed a league win at Stamford Bridge in 17 years.
“It does not feel genuine; I’m 33 today, I have had a decent career, I’ve played quite a few games but it still doesn’t prepare you coming into this match,” explained Martin.
“I have been struggling to consume for the last two days. Cress (Aaron Cresswell) was laughing at me since my plate retained being taken away and that I could not finish my food.
“After I watched my father we were both in tears, so we did not really say a good deal. But for my dad to see that here with the club he played for 21 years, to make my debut, maintain a clean sheet and find the win to the boys more importantly, it is only an excellent feeling.”
West Ham manager Manuel Pellegrini confessed that he was relieved since the Hammers ended an eight-match winless streak in all competitions, that a clutch of changes had paid off.
The Chilean’s task stays online in the East End club , but he insisted that he could push on his side in the ideal direction.
“If you don’t win you are a beast and if you do you are a genius,” said Pellegrini. “For the team, for West Ham, for me and everyone, I believe they did really well.
“But not because I altered the goalkeeper, I think everyone made the strength you needed to win the game.”
Hailing Martin’s debut operation that he continued:”Obviously, we know his family is related with this club, it was not easy for him to create his first Premier League begin.
“But I think that from the very first time I spoke in the week with him I felt he was ready. Especially prior to the match he was really silent but he revealed what he had throughout the 95 minutes.”
Aaron Cresswell’s lovely finish sealed the triumph of West Ham, leaving his side to generate a fast reaction in defeat to be challenged by a frustrated boss Frank Lampard.
“Shocked is not the word, I’m more disappointed,” said Lampard. “We didn’t execute the way we desired to. However, I do believe in the group.
“There haven’t been many times I have said we had been below par, but today was one of those days. I don’t think it’s time for reactions and judgements, it is time for a look at a bit of personality.
“That is a reality check for everybody; mepersonally, the players, the fans. We have all been fairly satisfied with a lot of things so far but today is a reminder of the brutal realities of the Premier League as well as the realities of where we are at.”

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