Deontay Wilder calls himself hardest-hitting puncher in boxing history

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Deontay Wilder has described himself as the”toughest hitter at boxing” after his seventh-round knockout of Luis Ortiz at Las Vegas on Saturday.
The Cuban had dominated the first six weeks, but was knocked to the ground with a stunning right hand 34, in Wilder.
He retained the WBC world heavyweight title along with his 42nd triumph 41 of these, from 43 fights by knockout.
“I believe I earned my respect to say I am the hardest-hitting puncher in boxing history. Period,” explained the American.
“I do what I do time and time again. I give folks great fights and amazing knockouts.”
Wilder has produced 10 defences.
Was the draw with Tyson Fury in Los Angeles in December 2018. Even then, he put Fury on the canvas at the last round.
But the Alabama boxer feels his achievements deserve greater recognition.
“You have got to give me my credit,” he said. “It is sad that it took me over 40 struggles to find the recognition I really deserve.
“When people see me, they’ve never seen my own style. It took them a while to become used to what I display, my talent I introduce to boxing.
“It is different to any other fighter. It’s not textbook. You can not really teach it that’s exactly what makes me unique from the rest of those fighters.”

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