Dessie Farrell named new Dublin football manager

Dessie Farrell has been confirmed as the new manager of the Dublin footballers achievement Jim Gavin.
Na Fianna man Farrell has worked with the bulk of the current squad in the past few decades, having led the Sky Blues to All-Ireland victory at minor (2012) and U21 (2014 and 2017) levels.
He has worked under Pat Gilroy with all the county’s hurlers and handled the Glasnevin club.
He was a part of the street that won the title and won six Leinster names.
He was a member of the GPA, acting as the institution’s CEO.
Several high profile names had been linked with the post including Tommy Conroy, Declan Darcy and Gilroy, in recent weeks.
“Dessie has played an integral role in the achievement of this Dublin footballers within the past ten years in his period as director of the Dublin minor and U21 teams,” said county board chairman Se??n Shanley.
“We want Dessie the very best and look forward to the 2020 season”
Farrell has limited period to prepare the negative for the period with the vast majority of county teams already back in practice.
After the finish of the O’Byrne Cup (in which Dublin haven’t fielded a full-strength team in recent decades ), the Sky Blues will host Kerry within their National League opener at Croke Park.

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