DraftKings And Resorts ‘Share The Same Vision’ In Growing Their Atlantic City Sportsbook

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November is rapidly becoming one of the weeks for DraftKings.
The DraftKings Sportsbook program went in Pennsylvania last week. And Nov. 20 will mark the anniversary of this DraftKings Sportsbook at Resorts Atlantic City.
Well, technically, the earliest casino of Atlantic City obtained before this month, the party started. And a meet-and-greet with Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Randall Cunningham highlighted it.
And more to the point, the Resorts sportsbook opened its own doors in August 2018, only a couple of days following the DraftKings program history.
Needless to say, on many occasions, DraftKings has drawn crowds over the past 12 months. Super Bowl betting and March Madness ??being two of the biggest.
And overall, the DK group has no complaints regarding the NJ sports market. Frank Kunovic, head of retail operations for DraftKings, utilized the phrase”incredible” to describe the partnership using Resorts.
“As the first casino in Atlantic City, Resorts has been demonstrated to be tech-savvy market leaders. We share the identical vision and also have been able to drive enthusiast engagement,” said Kunovic.
It was big news when the Resorts sportsbook was renamed in November 2018. DraftKings has been THE app to beat. Things are somewhat different so has that news translated into success to your Boston-based company?
If we moved to this time this past year, the word”temporary” has been used as often as moneyline and point spreads around AC.
At Ocean Casino , only the William Hill sportsbook besides DraftKings and Golden Nugget had permanent spaces.
DraftKings remains one of the larger spaces. When considering only Atlantic City sportsbooks, DraftKings’ area is at the center of the pack, comparable in size to Tropicana. But those both pale compared with Bally’s, that takes a colossal 15,228 square foot .
Though there is a spacious setting great, the amenities are exactly what NFL betting customers enjoy. The DraftKings Sportsbook in Resorts comes with a few of the amenities in the city.
When asked what distinguishes the DraftKings retail space out of Atlantic City’s other offers, Kunovic said it’s all about”our extreme attention to detail and a strong focus on technology” ??
While nearly all the NJ sports betting handle and revenue continues to come through programs, DraftKings does not ignore the value of retail.
The Business has unveiled spaces at del Lago Casino & Resorts in New York along with Wild Rose Casino in Iowa since opening at Resorts. In Addition, it keeps things going in the AC sportsbook on a weekly basis using a Ladies Night , deals and promotions in the Sportsbook on Fridays.
New Jersey is that the nation. Back in August of 2019, they left Garden State history.
Retail and mobile will be lightyears apart if we go by numbers released by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.
Year so far (not including October),?? Resorts Digital ??reported over $50.5??million ??in earnings. Besides DraftKings, the amount includes Fox Bet apps and the Resorts online sportsbook.
Retail revenue, on the other hand, is just over $2.1 million.
Statewide, the online handle has exceeded $2.4 billion to date versus $531.6 million in the retail locations. So with the scales tipped to a side, are sportsbooks in the casinos actually needed?
Best not to think of it. Kunovic described the experience within an extension of the product.
” A lot of the exact offers available on our sportsbook app are also accessible through the kiosks located throughout the retail area at Resorts,” Kunovic said.
It is highly probable a similar response will be offered by DraftKings about this time . DraftKings is directly behind them, although fanDuel Sportsbook may control the highest market share.
But unlike eights being always split by a blackjack player, NJ sports has included several opportunities.
DraftKings was among the operators this year to provide Oscar odds. And odds were offered by the sportsbook .
By the way, preparing for Super Bowl 2020 betting (without or with the Eagles) is penalized. Kunovic said sports fans around ought to be watching for special offers at”all of retail places with our mobile apparatus.”
However, so far as the entire DraftKings game program goes, he notes that”we are still at the opening minutes of this initial quarter of legalized sports gambling in the usa.”
So it is about building on that retail-mobile combination that is winning. Concerning keeping its reputation in NJ, the plan is straightforward:
“Knowing our clients and supplying them with a special and tailored experience has allowed us to maintain our market share,” Kunovic explained. ” We’re the US sportsbook for the US sports enthusiast.”

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