Dublin will have ‘same aura’ despite Jim Gavin departure, says Kieran Donaghy

Sky Sports pundit Kieran Donaghy responds to Jim Gavin stepping aside, suggesting that Dublin is going to keep their setting despite his death.
The information on Saturday afternoon arrived as a surprise, given that all other counties have their management teams confirmed for 2020.
“This was a tiny shock as it came around,” explained the former Kerry star. “When it arrived late in the calendar year, I presumed he was staying .
“Following the All-Ireland final replay win over Kerry, it looked like it may be it, just the way he desired. But there was talks he celebrated a five in a row, so that was allowable to let your hair !
“But maybe looking at it , perhaps he knew deep down that it had been it. Perhaps he has been mulling over will when he had it, he go again.
“But he’s probably right to go with his gut on this one, though his mind was made up.
“It’s a huge job – managing an intercounty team. The time that goes into it is unbelievable. So to take action on a voluntary basisto do exactly what he did was astonishing.”
The passing of gavin can come as an increase to the Dubs’ rivals, but Donaghy feels a challenge remains for the likes of Kerry, Mayo and the rest of the chasing bunch.
“I think Dublin will have exactly the identical setting as winners of the five-in-a-row,” he said.
“It’s the players you have to attempt to beat. Course’s management help and put all the suggestions and approaches but these players really are a serious bunch of gamers. I don’t believe the other counties will likely be licking their lips and rubbing their hands, thinking that all of a sudden it’s going to be simpler. The task remains monumental to take down this bunch of Dublin players, regardless of who they have in charge.
“I’m convinced the guy coming in will want to specify his own criteria, however, the legacy that Jim has left, the civilization they have in Dublin in the present time will be set up.
“So I wouldn’t necessarily be leaping around believing it is likely to be a piece of cake of a sudden.”
Donaghy believes the forces which are likely already have a strategy in place, while many believe the announcement leaves Dublin supporting other counties in relation to 2020 preparations.
“I’d say Jim and John Costello have had deep discussions about this, which [a successor] has decided, in this phase in the day,” he noted.
“It would surprise me if Jim was to go and they did not have the program in shop as to who should replace them. I’d say the announcement [is impending ], you might hear who the next Dublin manager is quite soon.”
There are many senior players within the group who may evaluate their position ahead of the new year.
“I understand from mepersonally, when Eamonn [Fitzmaurice] stepped down, I was in my head resigned, therefore there may be a couple of guys like that,” said Donaghy.
“They have the best to perform for as long as they want, for what they’ve put into the jersey. So that’s only a query for them to answer.
“You knowit could open the door for fellas who’ve been coming on as subs. The supervisor could want to go with childhood, and that’s always a difficult call. But you don’t know. It’s up to the players”

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