Eddie Pepperell pairing with Bryson DeChambeau could be feisty in Dubai

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Eddie Pepperell hinted as he prepares to play together with the American at Dubai that he isn’t expecting much in the means of conversation with Bryson DeChambeau.
Pepperell has been crucial of DeChambeau on social media lately and generated a stir when describing him as”a single-minded twit” in August a year ago as he struck out at DeChambeau’s pace of play in The Northern Trust.
The charismatic Englishman later apologised for his comment, but he’d aim at DeChambeau again late last year after his dig at Brooks Koepka’s body, accusing the world No 1 of not needing any”six-pack abs”.
Koepka reacted with a picture of his four key trophies accompanied by this message:”You’re right, I am two short of a six-pack”.
Pepperell weighed into the conversation with:”This is why you simply don’t go after the No 1 golfer on the planet”, though DeChambeau has since insisted his”rift” using Koepka was just one of this sort and maintained the set got well.
The numerous comments from Pepperell will not have gone unnoticed by DeChambeau, and there will be much interest in the interaction – or lack of – between the pair when they venture out with them in the third-last set in Sunday’s final round, live on Sky Sports Golf from 8:30am.
Pepperell indicated DeChambeau’s distance can be helpful in avoiding conversation and happened to Twitter Soon after the pairings have been confirmed.
DeChambeau is just two shots off the lead overnight with Pepperell one back, and also the champion is decided to defy an illness that is worsening to retain his title.
“I am feeling worse today,” DeChambeau stated, that has been battling a virus over the week. “I couldn’t hear anything out of my ear until the 13th hole, when it eventually popped and that was useful a little bit.
“Being under the weather and battling some of the stuff that happened a week and persevering this week would be a tremendous honour.
“I’m really hitting it amazingly well at the moment. I figured out something on Friday night and it was used by me today and it worked beautifully, it was just a couple of distance control matters which kind of threw me off.
“So I will go work on that, work on some putting, rate control, speed control was not very great today and got to be certain that’s tight tomorrow”

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