England head coach Chris Silverwood to leave New Zealand early due to family bereavement

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England head coach Chris Silverwood will return home.
A month, the 44-year-old, who had been appointed, will be replaced for the last few days of the Evaluation in Hamilton Paul Collingwood and by coaches Graham Thorpe.
England are currently seeking to avoid defeat from the two-Test series in New Zealand.
Talking Silverwood explained how his trainers and he will try to alleviate the strain on captain Joe Root amid his batting fights.
The 28-year-old scored just 13 runs across two innings from the defeat to New Zealand, and his average for the year is just 27.4 from 10 Tests.
Root’s moderate because assuming the captaincy at February 2017 now stands at 39.7, which contrasts unfavourably to his pre-captaincy average of 52.8.
Silverwood explained:”Behind the scenes we have got to keep trying to strip off the things he does not have to be concerned about, making sure that in regards to practice he’s just one of the lads, he is in there and he is worried about his batting and that is it.
“So there is things like this and helping him and talking to him and attempt to strip pressure away.”

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