England Roses’ fortitude impresses Tracey Neville and Eboni Usoro-Brown

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Following England Roses’ victory in Cape Town, Tracey Neville and Eboni Usoro-Brown were Equally impressed by the team’s fortitude and Jess Thirlby’s approach to the Test Game.

The duo will be from the Sky Sports studio to the second Test, which begins at 12.30pm on Saturday, and are eager to understand how the Roses progress after this kind of thrilling inaugural Evaluation. “It was a typical Roses game that takes it to the cable and that which was so pleasing was the manner that a relatively inexperienced team came out with the triumph,” Neville explained to Sky Sports.
“I thought that it was very exciting. You are aware there are times when you wish that you were part of this… there were instances in the match once I was glad I was watching it on the TV!”
So as to refresh after such an intense interval usoro-Brown produced her 100th appearance for England under Neville in the Netball World Cup but has decided to take some time out in the Roses for today.
The prolific protector made her debut back into 2008 and also with so many years of expertise behind her, shared many of England’s Roses would be sense in South Africa.
“In an athlete perspective, you really relish these opportunities. In one sense the pressure is off, you’ve just been given a chance and you’ve been asked to go out there and perform,” Usoro-Brown explained.
“In regard to the results, it’s handled appropriately [early in a cycle]. We are aware yes the win is your ultimate aim and that we’re in a growth stage, but that exposure is exactly what the priority is to get this tour and for that Test.
“As an athlete, it merely lets you have the liberty to reveal your best especially if we’re up to now out from the upcoming important championships that is going to be coming up.”
A lead started after 30 minutes and following words in half-time, their line-ups were altered by both head coaches.
The debut of Lefebre Rademan at GA of south Africa was favorable for them while Thirlby transferred captain Natalie Haythornthwaite to GA and introduced Laura Malcolm at WA.
England’s next quarter watched them shed a touch of fluidity and punch into their assault ending, and South Africa took it by 17-11.
The line-up remained exactly the same for Natalie Panagarry in the final block of extra-time and the remaining part of the match, baring a positional change between Jade Clarke , something which Neville was pleased to see.
“I believed that as a lover you may have made some rash changes and altered it back [at England’s attack end],” she said.
“However, I really do believe that the goal that Jess has put out is to actually put money into the Roses and the players and give them the expertise to see how they come through it. I believed that they did that exceptionally nicely yesterday.”
The Roses and South Africa both have to handle turnarounds, with the Test having an 11am Centre Pass on Sunday.
“It’d be interesting to find out what Jess (Thirlby) does,” Neville explained.
“Is she going to begin with the exact same seven to get some consequences? Hopefully they start , get some confidence from this and she looks to make modifications?
“Eboni and I have been speaking about it and we wondered if there is vulnerability for Razia Quashie who did very well in the past global series last year and George Fisher who played tremendously well at Superleague?
“Obviously Sophie Drakeford-Lewis also who hasn’t been subjected at global level earlier.
“I believe we’ve got a great degree of stability throughout the court with Stacey Francis, Natalie Haythornthwaite and Jade Clarke and it’s how Jess adapts the team and the mixtures.”
Sky Sports is the home of netball and live action returns with this three-Test tour to South Africa. The next Evaluation contrary to the Velodrome in Cape Town will be displayed on November 30 at 12.30pm and will be staged worldwide on YouTube.

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