England Women and Women’s Aid Organisation deliver Empowerment Through Sport session in Malaysia

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England Women’s captain Heather Knight hopes her staff can invite young women to take up sport by sharing their story.
Knight shared her vision and her team-mates took part in an’Em powerment at the Kinrara Oval in Kuala Lumpur Through Sport’ session alongside Women’s Aid Organisation.
Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) is a Malaysian charity that offers free shelter, counselling, and emergency support to girls and children who experience abuse.
Eleven women aged between 11 and 17 spent the afternoon with all the England players, learning to play guitar along with talking how sport can be a power for good in a man’s lifestyle.
Knight explained:”It has been a really brilliant dawn. It is so important to organise events and to try and use our place to help people, especially young girls. Sport has been a enormous part of my lifetime and that I know that it can be beneficial.
“The girls seemed to love it, we played a game and also had a bit of a chat about teamwork, self-confidence and resilience.
“When I grew up I watched a lot of men’s game and it wasn’t until I got a bit older I learned there was an England Women’s cricket team so that it’s essential to be sure young girls know there’s the prospect for them to pursue game.
“A lot of these women might never play cricket but they’ve had different experiences in contrast to people and playing cricket or even chatting to us about specialist game can get them considering taking part in more sport or joining a team, and that is fantastic.”
Knight and her teammates were joined from the national cricket team of the Malaysian women.
Currently ranked 28 in the Earth, the side had the ability to ask the England players and joined in the cricket session.
To find out more about Women’s Aid Organisation, head to their website.

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