England’s balancing act and South Africa’s objectives create a fascinating series

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Since the Roses of England fly towards their first televised Tests under new head coach Jess Thirlby, Tamsin Greenway looks at the particulars of some of the key objectives of South Africa and the tour from an English standpoint in Cape Town.
This trio of Tests are going to be a great opportunity for both sides and the attractiveness of beginning a brand new cycle with a squad, is that you do possess any leeway.
In both England and South Africa’s camps we know that there are a number of huge players – both resting or retired. I view this as a good and’relaxed’ series given the squads which were selected and its time.
There is a balance to be achieved, although they will in saying that, it does not necessarily follow that both sides will not still need to go out there and win the series 3-0.
When the coaches are actually interested in building for the subsequent four decades you’d expect them to use this string as a real opportunity to put players into some positions that are critical.
If it comes to doing this, I believe South Africa have an easier job than England and that Dorette Badenhorst has selected.
First, they need to try and discover a new GA after the retirement of Maryka Holtzhausen. They know Lenize Potgieter is strong from the shooter position also it is about partnering with her.
They’ve Renske Stoltz, however I think they will be looking to see whether she can step up? So it’s about currently seeing if she could lift herself that starting 28, She’s had lots of coaching expertise in Australia in the previous season.
The huge loss for these will be GD – Karla Pretorius – as she takes a break. However, Phumza Maweni [GK] has come into her own since moving to Sunshine Coast Lightning alongside Pretorius and will be the ideal partner to assist bleed through another defender.
But, I hope if the Nations Cup comes in January because she’s still the best player on earth in this position we will see Pretorius back in the green dress.
I would like to watch Bongi Msomi again in C today that Erin Burger has retired – I think that’s her position that is best. Founded in South Africa’s mid-court, I will definitely be keeping an eye Izette Griesel, that obtained court time during the World Cup, also, needless to say, Khanyisa Chawane, who’s linking next year to Team Bath.
The SPAR Proteas, although they have had a couple of retirements and Pretorius by in large they’ve kept the majority of their squad. I believe they should be excited although it’s the beginning of a new four-year cycle.
They’ve got enough volume and expertise left in there to support the modifications and handle, as well as.
For Jess Thirlby it is a really different challenge in front of her to the one that Badenhorst will be looking to decode in Cape Town.
Why? Well, you’ve not had the big retirements or in fact any official retirements therefore Thirlby will understand that at some stage the players that aren’t there now, the likes of Geva Mentor, Jo Harten,” Serena Guthrie, Helen Housby to name a few, are likely going to return into the fold.
With that comes key questions to answer concerning how you approach this particular tour. Can you experiment strongly knowing return within these positions and players are going to return? Or can you concentrate on winning the Test series hard 3-0 and possibly not experimentation?
For instance take the defensive end using Mentor, Layla Guscoth, Jodie Gibson and Eboni Usoro-Brown all still in the mixture, do you consider providing Stacey Francis and Kate Shimmin – both experienced defenders with Suncorp groundings – the vast majority of the court moment to handle Potgeiter? Or can you go with Razia Quashie and Fran Williams, England’s exciting kids? It will become a tough call.
This manner of thinking crosses over in to all areas. When the team was declared I had been very vocal not since I don’t rate the players within it, just because I think it was a option that is safe.
We are all aware that these four mid-courters [Jade Clarke, Natalie Panagarry, Natalie Haythornthwaite and Laura Malcolm ] are not going to be the four players to shoot England through to World Cup and another Commonwealth Games . Therefore surely it was a chance to look at a key youngster like Gabby Marshall or even Iona Christian? However, do you need to if you know others will return? It’s almost harder for Thirlby with many alternatives.
I should imagine whether they’re talking about it or not, England will want to obtain a whitewash from South Africa. They’ll want to acquire this Test series.
I am not sure the pursuit of a 3-0 result should function as be-all and end-all, I’m hoping we get to see some of the new talent in combinations that are exciting. Whatever the options, I expect that England are outspoken about their intentions from Cape Town.
Both on and off the court, it is likely to be the first opportunity for all those players to be with Jess (Thirlby) properly on an worldwide tour. A coaching tour has been done by them, but this is a different kettle of fish and also one that comes with each the pressures of televised international series.
There are a whole great deal of elements that I’m eager to see unfold over the course of the sequence.
We are currently moving out of a character like Tracey Neville, who is passionate and very outspoken to someone with another personality, on the sideline. I’m looking forward to see the personality how she manages changes and the squad of Thirlby and of course her personality shines through.
I’m going to be looking out for this fairly new group too with any tactical changes carrying to court together. They have had a great deal of time to train, and many have been since September in the job, so how will this unwanted work structurally?
Thirlby is a great coach that is technical, when it comes to patterns and components, it’ll be fascinating to see how they develop over the span of this Test series, and the way that it will start to mold this era for your Roses.
No matter the outcome at the weekend, one thing is for certain this must be a tightly contested show, that I’m convinced will introduce as many questions as it will answer about their next trip and these clubs. I can’t wait to sit back and watch.
Sky Sports is your house of live and netball action returns with this three-Test excursion to South Africa. The first Test from the Velodrome in Cape Town will be displayed on November 29 and will be streamed on YouTube.

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