Euro 2020 draw: What you need to know

Even the Euro 2020 draw occurs on Saturday from 17:00 GMT in Bucharest – reside on Two – together with Wales and England waiting to detect their competitions.
Northern Ireland scotland and the Republic of Ireland will be watching with interest – with all three sides following March playing at the play-offs.
Nevertheless, the special character of the tournament – together with the 12 host cities’ nations having to be placed in groups that are particular – means several things have been determined.
England know which category they will be in – while there are two options for Wales.
So what exactly do we all know – and why? Which are the very best and worst-case situations for the nations? And how do you trace it?
England know they’ll be in Group D because Wembley is currently hosting three matches in that category. The winners of Scotland’s Euro 2020 play-offs (Path C) are also in the group.
Scotland and the Three Lions might wind up in a group with world champions France and European champions Portugal, because they are among the seeds respectively.
Seeding is based on positions and then points.
However they would be seen by a draw with Poland and the Czech Republic, ranked 21st and 43rd in the world . England fulfilled the Czechs in qualifying, winning 5-0 at Wembley but losing 2-1 at Prague.
England will host all three of their group matches at Hampden Park in their other two games if they’re eligible. Steve Clarke’s side need to acquire past Israel in the home on 26 March after which Serbia or even Norway away five days later to qualify.
That means all their competitors will not be known by England before 31. Scotland is given a chance with Norway most likely to advance at 40% by statisticians Gracenote.
There are two groups Wales could be in – B. or A
Group B, which has been finalised besides Wales or Finland, would watch Ryan Giggs’ side in with Russia, Belgium and Denmark.
They defeat the two of those on their way to the 2016 semi-finals and lost twice to Denmark in last year’s Nations League.
If they are in Group A – the team of Italy – they might end up with Portugal, France and the Azzurri – or Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic.
Simon Gleave, head of sports evaluation in Gracenote, says:”There is not much difference between A and B for Wales pre-draw. If the Czech Republic or Austria ended up in Group A though, Wales wouldn’t function as outsiders to advance.”
The home country would be Northern Ireland. They are in exactly the March play-offsaway to Bosnia-Herzegovina from the semi-finals and at home into the Republic of Slovakia or Ireland in the last – should they defeat the Bosnians first.
The winners of these play-offs will be in Group E with Spain. Two of the group games are going to be together with the match against Spain at Bilbao, in Dublin.
The most difficult group for Northern Ireland (or the Republic) will see them with Spain, France and Portugal. The simplest according to this world rankings would be Poland Spain and the Czech Republic.
Gracenote say Northern Ireland have a chance . Bosnia are obvious favourites, having a probability of winning.
The Netherlands and ukraine are in Group C, while Germany don’t know any of their competitors in Group F nevertheless.
Because Bucharest hosts half of the Group C matches Both of these groups are connected. But Hungary and Romania are equally in the Trail A play-offs – hence one can qualify.
Should the play-offs are won by Romania, they will enter Group C with the Netherlands and Ukraine – and the Path D side will be in Group F. If Bulgaria, Iceland or Hungary win Path A they will enter Group F together with the Path Steel winner going into Group C.
Together with the winners not being picked until 31 March, just 11 teams are waiting to find out which group they’ll be in.
There are four classes Poland France, Switzerland and Croatia may be placed in – and five possibilities to seeds Portugal, Turkey, Austria, Sweden and the Czech Republic.
Subsequently Wales and Finland will be in Group A or B.
The draw begins with groups in Pot 1 (ie the top seeds) – although we know which group each of them will be put in.
To determine the job of the team in the group – eg A4 or A1, A2, A3 – a ball. This decides the sequence of who performs when in the category. England’s three matches are on Sunday, 14 June, Friday, 19 Tuesday and June, 23 June – when the potential Scotland game would be, but they do not yet understand.
The attraction continues with 4 and Pot 2, 3 to decide which group they are in, and then position of the group they choose. That means their group will not be discovered by Wales till almost the end of the lure.
So much has already been determined because any hosts who qualify need to be set in the group their home games are in. Thus England and Scotland (if they meet ) were destined to play at precisely the same group as a random draw on 7 December 2017 – likewise Spain and the Republic of Ireland.
Since four of the seeds have been hosts, their collections are set in stone – hence there were just two groups left that another two top seeds would move in. However, Ukraine are still not allowed to be in a band with Russia for political reasons (though they could meet in the knockouts) therefore that there was just 1 set they might go in, leaving Belgium in the other.
And with the four play-off winners needing to go in specific groups (although two of them may be swapped round ) it means there are just two possible classes that Wales and Finland – also bottom seeds since the two groups to be eligible with the fewest points – can be placed in.
The draw will be shown live on 2 and on the Sport website, along with a text commentary, from.
Mark Chapman will be presenting with ex-England defender Micah Richards former Wales boss Mark Hughes and football journalist Julien Laurens.
The uninterrupted feed of the draw will be accessible on Sport website and the Red Button.
You can listen throughout Sports Report on Radio 5 Live to the attraction.
England take advantage of hosting their group games, in addition to final and the semi-finals – therefore it is likely to map out where all their matches would be in the tournament. There is one tie at Wembley, although the side of Gareth Southgate could not play in that one.
The best two teams from each group go through to the last 16. That means only eight teams go out from the group stages.
Wales will face a minumum of one visit to Azerbaijan or Russia – using their two classes being hosted in Rome-Baku or even Copenhagen-St Petersburg.

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