Exclusive Mercedes look on track: F1 champions explain ‘bold’ W11

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Mercedes have had to be”bold” in the design of the new W11 car in order to keep in front of their F1 competitions from the 2020 season, technical manager James Allison has told Sky Sports.
With the W11 running for the first time in Silverstone, Sky Sports News were given exclusive access as Valtteri Bottas took to the trail during the shakedown of the team.
The W11 is that the successor to six double title winners, together with last year’s W10 winning 15 of the 21 races of this season. Mercedes have acknowledged there were areas in the car’s design – particularly cooling – and – Allison says regulation stability hasn’t meant they could only search for small improvements.
“The regulations will be the same so it’s unlikely that there will be a total revolution,” Allison said.
“But, the regulations being so similar way that we actually have to be quite bold if we want the car to become competitive.”
Last year, possessing the engine in the first years of the era, Mercedes trailed Ferrari in the power stakes – also Allison says engine performance has inevitably been a focal point for 2020.
“I think we’d always want more of everything – it isn’t a sport where you can concentrate on a single thing,” said Allison.
“But there’s no doubt that our friends in HPP [Mercedes High Performance Powertrains] could have felt the bite last year of visiting a Ferrari lauded for the flat-rate rate.
“We all know that the straight-line speed is just one parameter, it’s a mix of both chassis set-up and PU, but this is among the focuses we’ve had over winter.
“It’s lovely to find that HPP have experienced a excellent winter in that respect, getting both horses but also for the third-year straight bending over backward to offer us a PU that’ll give us chassis chances by making it simpler for us to make a fast car around it.”
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