F1 2019 qualifying match-ups: Lando Norris finishes ahead at McLaren

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Lando Norris claimed success from the one fiery qualifying head-to-head using a functionality in Abu Dhabi on Saturday for 2019.
Team-mate Carlos Sainz and norris were tied to 10 Saturday’wins’ heading in the last qualifying session of this year and took that duel all the way to Q3’s last laps.
The Spaniard had proved comfortably quicker but lost out taking non – that becomes sixth on the grid courtesy of Valtteri Bottas’ penalty – before Sainz and Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo.
“I’m very happy, it was a rough one as it is possible to tell,” Norris, sitting next to Ricciardo, told Sky F1 following the two McLarens and Renault were split by only 0.023s.
“If I made a 3 hundredths’ mistake I had been two places down and that I beat this man [Ricciardo] which is better.
“It was nice and it was a great lap, I didn’t make any huge mistakes. It’s just adequate, it wasn’t one of the very best of my entire life, but commanding the tyres and ensuring that you don’t have some wheelspins or oversteer.”
Sainz was left frustrated to be beaten by both drivers given he’d held a comfortable 0.4s edge over these Q2, when he’d completed sixth fastest.
“Honestly frustrated since I had been flying in Q1 and Q2,” represented the Spaniard. “I had a small buffer on the midfield, somewhat like at the past couple of races, and I was like’yeah, let’s do it at Q3′.
“But I don’t understand how we managed to get in trouble at Q3 together with people outside laps. The Mercedes’ and Verstappen fighting, overtaking meand I could not put temperature on tyres. On my lap I was one tenth back at the exit of Turn One.
“Disappointed but we have to keep learning on those little particulars.”
Mercedes: Lewis Hamilton 14-7 Valtteri Bottas
Ferrari: Sebastian Vettel 9-12 Charles Leclerc
Red Bull: Max Verstappen 8-1 Alex Albon / Verstappen 11-1 Pierre Gasly
McLaren: Carlos Sainz 10-11 Lando Norris
Renault: Daniel Ricciardo 13-7 Nico Hulkenberg*
Toro Rosso: Daniil Kvyat 2-7 Pierre Gasly / Kvyat 7-5 Albon
Racing Point: Sergio Perez 17-3 Lance Stroll
Alfa Romeo: Kimi Raikkonen 12-9 Antonio Giovinazzi
Haas: Kevin Magnussen 13-8 Romain Grosjean
Williams: George Russell 21-0 Robert Kubica
* Ricciardo qualified in Singapore therefore no score is granted, but his car was later disqualified
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