Ferrari: Lewis Hamilton on 2021 F1 market ‘can make us only happy’

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Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has suggested that Lewis Hamilton’s possible availability on the F1 driver market for 2021″will make us just happy”.
Much like nearly all the game’s top motorists, Mercedes celebrity Hamilton’s current contract runs out in the conclusion of 2020 – the last season before’Brand New F1′ at 2021 when sporting regulations, budget principles and cars designs have been overhauled.
Hamilton’s current contract runs to the exact same stage as Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel along with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, creating the possibility of a blockbuster driver marketplace during the course of next year as the sport’s leading teams make their plays to either retain, or alter, their present line-ups.
Binotto’s Ferrari staff currently pairs Vettel together using Charles Leclerc but asked if he’d like to register Hamilton to Maranello, the Italian, sitting alongside Mercedes counterpart Toto Wolff, responded:”Lewis is an outstanding driver, also a great driver.
“Knowing that he’s offered in 2021 can make us just joyful, but honestly it’s too premature for any decision, so we’re pleased with the drivers we have got at the present time and I think certainly at one stage next season we’ll begin discussing and understanding what to do.”
Although Hamilton has talked about his regard and admiration for Ferrari, he’s also consistently stressed his devotion Mercedes – with whom he’s been linked to since age 13, first through McLaren and because 2013 at the German manufacturer’s title-winning team.
Speaking at the Brazilian GP about his future on the back of clinching his domain, Hamilton stated he was prepared to open contract renewal discussions with the world champions of F1.
“It’s daunting if you think of it [contract negotiations] coming up because you’re committing to some period of time of your life and it’s sometimes difficult to envision that much ahead,” said Hamilton earlier this season.
“Obviously, it is wonderful to be desired so hopefully soon we’ll get that sorted.”
But the world champion did caution that by saying he would not rush the negotiations and he was keen to understand exactly what the future held for Mercedes boss and confidant Toto Wolff too.
“That’s very important for me I’m waiting too to observe where he is, in which his mind is in,” said Hamilton.
Wolff was asked for the first time in Abu Dhabi on Friday about Hamilton’s remarks.
The Mercedes team principal told Sky Sports F1’s Ted Kravitz:”We’ve ended up with this joint travel at precisely the identical time in 2013 and the trust among us has grown. This is much more than just a business connection.
“Within that category, it’s not just Lewis and I but a lot people that I consider as being the core component of the team, and it’s important for each of us to understand what we do later on. I believe that is exactly what he meant.
“In exactly the identical manner it is essential for me to understand what Lewis is thinking about the future and a few of the men whom I deem to be very important. These are the talks we’re having at the moment.”
Wolff has become the first team leader to manage drivers’ and constructors’ world championship doubles, together with Mercedes winning an astonishing 73 percent of all races within the last six seasons.
Asked about his own long term Brackley long run, Wolff said that he had been studying the situation but now it seemed like”the journey’s likely to continue”.
“I actually like the job. I believe it’s a perfect combination of this brutality and honesty of this stopwatch that never lies and tells you whether you’ve done a excellent enough job or not, and also the business aspect of things,” said Wolff.
“However, with that said, it’s pretty extreme and I am constantly thinking for myself’how far can I donate?’ I wouldn’t ever prefer to go from good to great, I do not need to miss that moment, so these are.
“However, I really like the connections that I have inside the team and over the Daimler board. Thus, all indications look like the travel’s going to continue.”

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