Flames coach Bill Peters admits to using a racial slur against a player and apologizes

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Peters coaches That the NHL Group Calgary Flames at Alberta.

The team is exploring him after player Akim Aliu posted a message saying he directed language that is offensive .
In a letter Brad Treliving, on Wednesday, Peters said he was sorry.
“Although it was an isolated and instantly unfortunate incident, I take responsibility for what I stated. The statement was created in a moment of pity and does not reflect my personal values,” he also said.
“I meant no disrespect in what I said, and it wasn’t directed at anyone specifically. But, that does not matter; it had been hurtful and demeaning. I am really sorry.”
TSN originally posted the correspondence on Twitter.
Aliu, who was born in Nigeria and raised in Canada, ” said the incident happened when he was using the Rockford IceHogs, an affiliate of the Chicago Blackhawks, during the 2008-09 and 2009-10 seasons.
Peters”dropped the N bomb several times towards me at the dressing room in my rookie year since he didn’t like my selection of songs,” he explained.
Peters has been the group’s head coach at the moment. Aliu was traded to the Atlanta Thrashers and it is now a free agent.
Aliu talked to TSN on Tuesday, telling the network:”What am I going to say? I was a first-year pro and 20 years old. I had been too frightened to speak up. I beat myself up daily .”
He explained two teammates out of Rockford were at the right time of this incident in the room. Aliu’s accusation was searched by both, according to the report.
Peters’ statement supported one incident in a dressing room.
“Following the incident, I was rightfully challenged concerning my usage of speech, and I immediately returned to the dressing room to confer with the group. I’ve enjoyed the incident as it happened, and I now also apologize to anyone negatively affected by my words,” he said.
Has attempted to attain Peters for comment but has not been effective.
After having the same part with the Carolina 18, peters joined the Flames as head coach last year.
After the Flames defeated the Buffalo Sabres , he was not supporting the bench Wednesday night.
The NHL has stated Peters’ actions are”repugnant and unacceptable,” but declined to comment further until it has had a chance to check into the allegation.
The correspondence will be assessed as part of this analysis, Treliving stated.

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