Fnatic’s Bwipo jumps to Hylissang’s defence after criticism on social media

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Gabriel’Bwipo’ Rau has jumped to his team-mate Zdravets’Hylissang’ Galabov’s defence against criticism on websites following Fnatic’s reduction.
The Fnatic support went and has been on the receiving end of a great deal of criticism from supporters on media.
His top and team-mate laner Bwipo wants fans to understand the reduction was down to team decisions, also Hylissang shouldn’t take the blame for the result against Lions.
He said:”I have seen those comments and I frankly think it’s gross. 1 thing people do have recognise or respect for, when the game is much lost and doomed, it’s really tough to return. Players who refuse to lose are very undervalued and get so **t more than people who simply farm and scale and do fine.
“OG last year were like eight place since they were filled with gamers who just did this. When the game was losing, they were just like’oh I only want to be sure I’ve a decent cs, my cs is eight, nine or 10 each minute. I’m not making any mistakes, I am warding where I am supposed to be more warding.’ But you lose and finally you are taking any risks , you are not doing something, and lose and lose. I much rather have somebody who moves 0/9 every game trying to win and attempting to locate plays than somebody who’s like’I do not believe this can be contested by us’. That is what bothers me that people don’t find that.
“Most of the people only get compliments when they are chilling and take an extremely low-risk drama, be it work and look good. A lot of the plays Hylissang requires are risk and it is a group thing to make them work, it’s a staff duty. He gets judged like he creating these choices about where and when to battle. If we want to fight, we agree with him – it is started by him since he plays a winner that could initiate.
Hylissang himself has responded to the criticisms and shown that he hate and has ignored the comments directed towards him on social media.
He said:”I do not really mind becoming weak so long as I am getting praise when I’m winning. I don’t really read once I know I’m not performing 19, that a lot of these comments. So, I try to avoid this but I noticed I have been loathed by people which I know. It’s not a fantastic situation but occasionally it occurs. I did not play with him and did make mistakes – it. So I died a whole lot of times the best didn’t occur with me. I tried to go and do something rather than lay back and also know it’s lost. I believe that is why I died so many days, I do not mind becoming slack when I am playing awful. Perhaps people were overly harsh but I do not really know because I did not read it happens, what do you do?”

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