Frank Lampard: Chelsea boss says players happy with hefty fine system

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard insists he’s not”Mr Tough Guy” despite imposing a strict disciplinary code where gamers face a #20,000 penalty if they have been overdue for the training.
A fines list shown a variety of punishments for example paying 500 for every minute someone is late to a group meeting.
Lampard says he first consulted with his players concerning the structure.
“It might seem harsh but it is not harsh if you’re late,” he said.
“My sole difficulty when this came out was that it makes me look like I am trying to be Mr Tough Guy. I am not.
“The players were part of this procedure. I am not here to be a dictator and also make matters hard.
“We talked with the gamers and that I gave the record to Cesar Azpilicueta after we put out the fines.
“Possibly the numbers were chosen by myself to some level.”
The money collected from the fines will be awarded to charity and Lampard, whose Chelsea facet confront Manchester City on Saturday (17:30 GMT), is convinced his players are happy with the system.
He added:”If you speak about coming late into training, we arrive in 10 and we begin training at 11.
“If you are overdue for training you are effectively an hour and 15 minutes late without any excuse, that’s quite a huge deal if you are preparing for a game against Manchester City on the next moment.
“I understand the penalties are relative, people can have their very own mind. But the players are definitely large at the setting up of that and I believe it’s important to have discipline at work.”

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