Frank Lampard was worried Manchester City move would tarnish Chelsea legacy

Frank Lampard has disclosed when he made his move to Manchester City in 23, the reaction of Chelsea supporters concerned him.
Before leaving to join City after his contract expired at this 2013/14 season’s conclusion lampard made 648 looks for Chelsea.
He also scored his first goal in a 1-1 draw against his former club for City, with Chelsea fans chanting his name during the game and even after he had denied them victory at the Etihad Stadium.
Despite leaving the club, Lampard believes his bond with Chelsea fans grew even more powerful.
“Perhaps [the relationship reached a new level], yeah. I think of me going to City, that the response was something I was worried about, I’m not going to lie after 13 decades here. I imagined if the year there was something for what I feel about this particular bar that I need to take on.
“My specialist head and also the challenge of it and the time I had where I wasn’t going to be playing matches for New York all came together and allow me to take a decision which was quite demanding at the time. To then observe the feeling I got from the Chelsea fans was an emotional thing for me personally and it hasn’t ceased from this day.”
Regardless of having an ovation out of the lovers of Chelsea , then manager Jose Mourinho did not share exactly the heat for Lampard in his interview.
The Portuguese coach told Sky Sports in September 2014:”Frank Lampard is a Man City player. When he decided to visit a direct rival afterward love stories are ”
Paradoxically, Lampard’s reunion with City since Chelsea head coach comes in the same week Mourinho has combined a’rival’ at Tottenham, while Lampard’s’love story’ with Chelsea continues.
Lampard added:”In the time I did not feel it was quite right. I believe it was directly after the match. I believe that the emotions of the game where I scored the goal can affect type or the remark of remark.
“The love story or not is always determined by the fans and the club. I believe it’s proven now the club is being managed by me. I believe a whole great deal of people knew how I felt around Chelsea and always did and always will do no matter the year in Manchester City.”
Despite wanting to finish his career in west London lampard says, he doesn’t regret his few years together with City and New York City FC from the MLS.
He considers that these experiences have helped prepare him in direction after spending 13 years at the same dressing room.
“I wanted to finish my career in Chelsea but it did not work like that. The year in Manchester was perfect for what I am doing. It opened my eyes to yet another structure, a different club, another room, another training philosophy and another thought. Subsequently in New York which continued, it started to shape what you are thinking .
“I can not look back to my career now with any negative emotions even though it meant leaving Chelsea. I am thankful I had a lengthy career at great places.”
Manchester City vs Chelsea is currently live on Saturday Night Football from 5pm; kick-off 5.30pm. Clips that are in-game can be watched by sky Sports clients in the game blog about the Sky Sports site and program. Highlights will also be published on the Sky Sports Football YouTube station along with the Sky Sports digital platforms shortly after the last whistle.

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