Friday’s Best NBA Spread: 76ers vs. Knicks

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The New York Knicks are so Poor, they’re a Simple fade with the Philadelphia 76ers coming to the Garden for Friday’s NBA picks.

Here we go again with all the New York Knicks. It looks like each time we locate a fantastic place to fade this team for our NBA selections, they discover a means to embarrass us like when they beat against the Dallas Mavericks 106-102 around the closing line as 11-point street dogs. I mean, come on.

Friday gives us the following opportunity. The Philadelphia 76ers are coming into the Big Apple, and they have won their last nine games against the Knicks each . If we are reading the tealeaves properly, the Sixers are undervalued as 6.5-point road dogs on Friday’s NBA chances board, which opened for business as I write this. Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.
Considering that the team is currently currently taking Thursday off to eat turkey and all we have the full list of projections for Friday’s matchups of Jeff Sagarin, also combined with the people at FiveThirtyEight, it looks like that the numbers are at our corner:

FiveThirtyEight: Philadelphia –11.5
Jeff Sagarin: Philadelphia –8.63
That is a slam-dunk right there. However, how much money do we would like to bet with this mismatch? The Sixers (12-6 SU, 8-9-1 ATS) have not been quite as dominant as promoted, sitting behind the 13-4 Boston Celtics along with Toronto Raptors in the Atlantic Division. Along with the Knicks (4-14 SU, 9-9 ATS) have been able to break , despite being very, very bad in the basketball.
We’re not saying this to be petty or mean. New York ranking No. 28 total in offensive efficiency and No. 22 on protection, according to factors scored/allowed per 100 possessions. However, the Sixers are only No. 18 on offense, relying upon their ninth-ranked shield to hold things together.

The battle is real for Joel Embiid (plus-0.8 OBPM, plus-2.2 DBPM). He is still playing with the All-Star, but Embiid is nowhere close to the MVP many predicted he would be this year — and as we watched through Monday’s game in Torontohe felt zero points for the first time in his NBA career, assisting the undermanned Raptors triumph 101-96 as 1.5-point dwelling puppies.

Perhaps Mitchell Robinson (plus-2.2 OBPM, plus-4.2 DBPM) may lock down Embiid exactly the exact same manner Marc Gasol and friends did for Toronto. And what is this: Frank Ntilikina (minus-1.9 OBPM, plus-0.4 DBPM) is now beginning to receive his sea legs at point guard. This remains a horribly wracking group of inefficient young guards and veteran forward, but they are giving us sufficient pause to recommend only a small wager on Philadelphia — especially now that they’ve moved up to –7.5 in quite ancient betting. Dang it.

Free NBA Select: 76ers –7.5 (–105) in Bovada
Jason’s 2019-20 NBA selects record through Nov. 28: 12-9 Totals, 6-5 ATS

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