Fury vs Sour: Zhilei Zhang aims to make a ‘Big Bang’ seven years after Olympic fight with Anthony Joshua

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Zhilei Zhang is an southpaw from China that plans to make a big effect that weekend and has contributed a ring with Anthony Joshua, a towering force.
Along with Hughie Fury vs Pavel Sour, on Saturday from 7pm, live on Sky Sports Action.
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He and Joshua battled with?
AJ made his title by winning the London 2012 Olympic gold medal in super-heavyweight, and he beat on Zhang in the.
It turned out to be a coup that is notable, for Joshua because four years earlier Zhang had won the silver medal in his home nation at Beijing 2008, at the time.
Zhang told Sky Sports last year about battling Joshua:”I moved within the ring believing the only method to win this struggle would be to knock him out, which had been the wrong strategy and got me over anxious.
“I respect Joshua as a boxer and a guy. He has great power and skill as well as sportsmanship.”
Just how has Zhang’s professional career progressed?
The man known as’Big Bang’ is encouraged by Roc Nation and can be located in the United States, in which 16 of the 20 fights have taken place (the other four were in China). Sixteen wins have come through knockout.
But he’s got a notable title on his record, and in age 36, it might be now-or-never for Zhang.
Promoter Dino Duva explained:”He has been out of the ring for a small while, and it has faced unfortunate obstacles but, on Saturday, he will make his mark. He is a power to be reckoned with.
“With so much activity in the heavyweight division at this time, Zhang will be correct in the mix. People will talk about him, trust me about that.
“Last year in Monaco, Zhang was supposed to combat Alexander Ustinov [but withdrew]. Michael Hunter ended up fighting with Ustinov and is right in the mixture for the heavyweight championship. On Saturday, Zhang will make up for this and be right in the mix.
“He’s got a really good team and we are convinced that this is his time”
“Change the sport forever…”
That’s promoter Eddie Hearn of a heavyweight winner from most populous nation in the world’s view.
“Great amateur album, great pro record, a true danger to the heavyweight championship,” he added.
What exactly does Zhilei Zhang promise for the fight of Saturday?

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