Georginio Wijnaldum: Liverpool player will walk off the pitch if racially abused

Liverpool and Netherlands midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum says he would walk off the pitch when he was abused.
“Plenty of people don’t know the pain you are feeling like a black player if you get [racist] abuse,” he explained.
Last weekend, footballers at the Netherlands’ two branches didn’t perform through the first minute of games to protest against racism.
When asked when he would walk off as a result of misuse, Wijnaldum said:”Yeah, I would.”
He continued:”I believe everybody should [walk away ]. That is the way that you support another person, because why should you go on?
“If you go on it’s going to never stop, because the people will believe’OK, we’ll abuse the player, they will go indoors, we will stop a bit, but they can come out again, we will play the sport, why should we stop?’ ,” Wijnaldum advised CNN Sport.
The 29-year-old, who has been a mainstay in Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool side this season, went on to state when he noticed abuse throughout a 33, he would walk off.
“Yeah, I’d [walk away ], for certain,” he said. “Because those items in my opinion can’t occur.
“Everyone will have their own view about it, but in my opinion it’s also wise to safeguard the players.”
Brescia striker Mario Balotelli threatened to leave the pitch as a result of racist abuse by Hellas Verona this season and kicked the ball.
The former Manchester City and Liverpool participant afterwards recognized the”small-minded fans” who shouted abuse at him.
But, Balotelli has ever since been branded”arrogant” by his club’s ultras group, before Brescia said that their chairman Massimo Cellino’s controversial comments about the striker have been”clearly misunderstood”.
“It frustrates me a lot to see that because you don’t understand what he’s feeling,” said Wijnaldum.
“With Balotelli it was not the first time it occurred, and therefore you don’t understand what he’s feeling. Why don’t you support him and walk with him out of the pitch? Why not do that?
“They’ll say’Don’t let them get on your head’, however they don’t feel the pain of the man or woman who gets racially abused.”

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